The Good Form Story

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The Good Form Story
Learn how New Balance and Good Form Running are working to evolve thinking around running form.

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Making the Transition
Making the Transition
Learn what it takes as two experienced runners begin the transition towards Good Form.

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The unique partnership between New Balance and Good Form Running is borne of a simple insight. This insight is no complex, technical concept rooted in the complicated worlds of product design or biomechanics, but rather an unassuming fact that most runners — be they occasional joggers or elite athletes — were never taught how to run.

As a company dedicated to helping more people make running an ongoing part of their lives, New Balance recognized that a significant cause of running-related injuries was that, when it comes to form, most runners have been left to their own devices, resulting in gaits that may resist forward momentum and create unnecessary strain.

Good Form Running shares our modest roots. What began as improvised sessions in the crowded aisles of a Michigan running store named Playmakers (they still do these in-store classes, in the same aisles, today) has evolved into a program that can be taught in any venue to any type of runner. We share a common approach, as well. The staff of Playmakers, like New Balance, recognized that an informed runner who is able to stay injury-free and on the road will become a runner for life.

It is this shared ethos that drives our partnership, which we together hope to bring to road races, running stores, tracks and clubs across the country with the goal of helping people run more efficiently and with less pain, thus making something that New Balance and Good Form Running are both passionate about a permanent part of more people's lives.

CraigFerrara More than 1 year ago
Good Form Running is the reason I no longer suffer from sciatica. I am a soccer player and run often for endurance training. This has helped me so much.
John de Oliveira More than 1 year ago
Great article!
MTRunGuy More than 1 year ago
Thanks for the partnership. Minimalist running with New Balance and Good Form Running got rid of chronic knee pain I had after a ski accident years ago. It has also made running faster and more enjoyable. Keep up the good work.
Warrior PF-Flyers Dunham Cobb Hill Brine Aravon