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Walk healthy.
Move happy.

Whether you're out for a stroll or hurrying to work, walking is an integral part of our everyday lives. Which is why we developed Good Form Walking - a program that teaches proper walking form to help keep you healthy, happy and moving.

Walking is a great form of exercise that almost anyone can do. It has many possible benefits, including:

  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Strengthens your muscles
  • Promotes weight loss by burning calories
  • Causes less stress on joints than higher impact activities
  • Can be done anywhere, at any time

Walking with the proper form can help you move more efficiently, prevent injuries and stress to the body and engage optimal body alignment — all things that help keep you walking for miles to come.

Good Form Walking


of Good Form Walking

Through extensive research and testing, we've uncovered three key areas of focus to make your gait more efficient.



Take shorter strides at a faster pace.

Over-striding can create stress on the joints and other inefficiencies in your walk. An ideal stride length is one that's comfortable, doesn't break your posture, and allows you to have a soft, unlocked knee.

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Minimize impact, maximize your efficiency.

Land lightly on the center of your heel and transition forward smoothly through your mid-foot to toe-off, pushing off evenly from your toes.

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Walk with a long, tall spine.

Reaching above you pulls everything up tall, stacks your vertebrae, puts your pelvis underneath you, pulls your shoulders back and creates full-body alignment. Keep your chin up, your head level and your gaze forward.

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next steps

Practice, practice, practice

Once you've learned the basics, you'll want to practice them until they feel natural. Another great way to reinforce what you've learned is by finding a Good Form Walking clinic near you.

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Next Steps

Good Form Walking


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Once you've mastered the basics, here are some simple ways to help you get even more out of your walks.

  • Identify a specific walking route.
    Note the time it takes to complete the route. On your next walk, aim to complete your route faster.
  • Fuel up 1 hour before your walk.
    A light snack will help you burn fat and feel energized. Try: string cheese & fruit or a hard-boiled egg & crackers.
  • Add muscle strengthening exercises.
    During your walk, stop and do a few additional exercises like calf raises, squats, lunges and step-ups.
  • Find a set of stairs.
    Spending 5-8 minutes walking up and down stairs increases the heart rate and improves leg strength.
  • Add intermittent uphill walking.
    It's important to vary your terrain to optimize your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Make it social.
    Recruit a friend with similar goals to inspire each other for commitment and success.
  • Stay hydrated.
    Aim to drink 4-6 oz of water 30 minutes before heading out. Take a bottle with you.
  • Stretch before, during or after you walk.
    If your lower leg feels sore, try gently stretching the back of your calf muscle on an elevated surface, like a stair.
  • Track your progress.
    A simple heart rate monitor is a great way to track your heart rate and your progress going forward.
  • Vary your steps per minute.
    Increasing your walking speed at intervals improves cardiovascular fitness and promotes calorie burning.

Please note that all of these suggestions are optional as well as adaptable, depending on your individual comfort level.

Good Form Walking


of Good Form Walking

In an effort to provide our customers with information to help better their everyday body mechanics, New Balance developed the Good Form Walking program in collaboration with Playmakers — the developers of Good Form Running — good form expert Grant Robison, along with the NB Sports Research Lab, NB footwear engineers and fitness expert Holly Perkins.

Meet the Experts

Grant Robison

is a former competitive runner, a ten-time All-American and Olympian. Since retiring from competitive running, Grant has worked with the founders of Playmakers (an athletic retailer group based in Michigan) to develop Good Form Running and now Good Form Walking. After having spent a good part of his competitive career injured, Grant knows first-hand the value of having good form.

Holly Perkins

is a celebrity trainer and New Balance Fitness Ambassador. Holly has devoted her life to learning (and in turn, teaching) all about fitness, nutrition and general health. She's had many clients that are fitness walkers and the principles of Good Form Walking are what she's found to be the most mechanically efficient and effective way to walk.


Another great way to reinforce what you've learned is by finding a Good Form Walking clinic near you

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Good Form Walking


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