Create a piece that epitomizes the success and authenticity of an internationally known shoe brand.

This was the project Nikole Nelson, a New York City designer, was tasked with. Nikole has received numerous accolades for her work with GQ, Men's Journal, Cigar Aficionado, Coach, and Urban Outfitters – her ability to engage with a brand and creatively interpret it from numerous angles is crucial when telling a story. In preparation for the unveiling of the brand new NYC store, we approached Nelson about creating a sculpture that represented the New Balance brand. With the help of New Balance Creative Director Mark Keegan, Nikole immersed herself, melding together history, process, product, and consumer – her masterpiece came to life.

Her approach to translating New Balance's iconic brand into artwork was three-fold. She wanted to tell a story that would capture the people's attention and leave a lasting impression. To make this idea a reality Nikole first needed to understand the space, "It is essential to know the limitation of the materiality you are working with so you can adjust the overall composition, while still maintaining harmony in the piece." Armed with this information, the creative juices began to flow. The piece examines New Balance's achievements from three perspectives: history, evolution, and contemporary – each part equally crucial to the long lasting success of the brand. Her final work of art: 18 artistic gateways into the world of New Balance, that together, create one amazing story.

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