Responsible Leadership Steering Committee (RLSC)

All teams within New Balance share accountability for Responsible Leadership activities. We also have a Responsible Leadership Steering Committee (RLSC) which is composed of:

JIM & ANNE DAVIS, Chair & Vice Chair
ROB DEMARTINI, President & Chief Executive Officer
JIM CONNORS, VP Global Research & Development
ALAN HED, EVP International
RAY HILVERT, General Manager, Footwear Marketing Management
CHRISTINE MADIGAN, VP Responsible Leadership
CAROL O'DONNELL, VP Corporate Human Resources
JOE PRESTON, EVP Global Product & Marketing
CHRIS QUINN, EVP Sales North America
DUNCAN SCOTT, VP External Products

Responsible Leadership Report

Learn all the details on how New Balance is moving communities forward

Download the Responsible Leadership Report.

"Business is a powerful force for social change and a reason to thank those who help us succeed. As we all move forward, it is the role of Responsible Leadership to lead the way."
Rob DeMartini president & chief executive officer

Our goals for our report are twofold-first, to be open and transparent regarding what we have achieved and learned about ourselves and second, to seek feedback on what we can do better. We encourage your thoughts at We are committed to continuous improvement in any area that will contribute to additional growth and success.

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