Unisex Shoe Care - Suede Cleaner and Water Repellent Value Pack

Keep your favorite New Balance shoes in peak training condition with this dynamic duo. The water repellent protects and prevents stains on leather, suede and nubuck. The suede cleaner removes stains from suede as well as leather, nubuck and synthetics so all your shoes feel like new.


  • Suede cleaner 5.5 oz
  • Suede cleaner cleans and removes tough stains
  • Suede cleaner formulated for suede leather, Nubuck & synthetics
  • Water repellent 8 oz
  • Water repellent formulated for leather, suede, Nubuck
  • Water repellent repels water and prevents stains

Suede Cleaner and Water Repellent Value Pack

Unisex Shoe Care
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