The Benefits of Fitness Walking

Here are just a few of the many reasons why fitness walking is a great activity:

  • • It's an activity appropriate for almost everyone, including:
    • • Those just starting a fitness regimen
    • • Those looking to stay fit and keep up a fitness routine
    • • Those easing back into activity from an injury
    • • Those trying to lose weight and keep the pounds off
  • • It has many health benefits, including:
    • • Strengthening your heart as a form of cardiovascular exercise
    • • Helping you lose weight by burning calories
    • • Strengthening your muscles
  • • It causes less stress on the joints than higher impact activities such as running
  • • It's economical- doesn't cost anything
  • • You can do it anywhere- outside, around a track, in the mall, etc
  • • It's social in that it's easy to walk with friends
  • • It can be a used as a recovery tool from other workouts, such as running or cross-training

Think we're missing some? Tell us below why you enjoy fitness walking!

To learn more about the proper footwear for the activity of Walking, see our Why Wear a Walking Shoe article.

Keep an eye out for more Walking content from New Balance, including proper form and additional fitness tips to add to your walk through our Good Form Walking program launching in Spring of 2013!

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