Kick it for Cancer

Eliza Shirazi Inspires Prevention through Exercise

New Balance Fitness Ambassador, Eliza Shirazi, shares why she inspires others to use exercise to decrease their risk of breast cancer. 


From Eliza: 

After the loss of my grandmother to breast cancer, my mom decided to have a baby in her honor. One of my most striking features that is identical to hers are my green eyes. They’re such a sweet reminder of her and it’s like a piece of her lives on in me, which is exactly what my mom intended.

The loss of my grandmother drives me every day to live an active lifestyle. It’s something that weighs heavily on me and I use Kick It by Eliza, which is a fusion of my passion for dance, fitness and community, to share exercise as a prevention tool with my students. My hope is that this form of exercise will not only keep them happy, but also healthy enough to prevent illnesses like breast cancer.

Although, I never got to meet, touch, hear or hug my grandmother in person, I feel so lucky that I get to watch my students use their passion for dance as a prevention tool against breast cancer every day through her eyes. 


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