6 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind About Our NB1 Custom Shoe Production Line

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Posted on June 29, 2015

Our NB1 custom shoe production line has been building your custom designs here in the U.S. since 2011. Set up to run your unique one-of-one designs in three silhouttes, 574, 998 and 990v3, we're hand-building hundreds of pairs each day in our Lawrence, MA location. Here's six facts you didn't know about our production process, take a look at how it works. 

Up to 800 New Balance "N's" are pressed each day. 

NB1 Production Line

The number of years experience combined of people who work in the Lawrence, MA factory is approximately 2,413 years.

NB1 Production Line

There are four options for materials: pigskin, synthetic, reflective and mesh.

NB1 Production Line

Depending on the demand for the day, our Lawrence, MA factory can output 200+ pairs of NB1 custom shoes.

NB1 Production Line

There are 17 different pieces of the shoe that can be customized. Some highlights include; mesh base with 12 color options, toe with 12 color options, N logos with 12 color options, tongue and heel tab embroidery with 11 colors and personalized embroidery with 11 color options. However, the list goes on - you can see them here.

NB1 Production Line

There are 58 quadrillion unique color combinations for the 998. Yes, we know it sounds crazy; we've had engineers calculate this numerious times to be sure!

NB1 Production Line


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