5 Cleats To Commemorate David Ortiz's Final Walk Off

Unforgettable cleat designs pay tribute to Big Papi's final games

As this record setting “walk-off” monster, metaphorically walks off from playing baseball we felt it would be a fitting tribute to make him unique special cleats for his final career walk off. Toronto, Baltimore, New York City, and Tampa are the last four stops on Ortiz’s farewell tour. There’s no doubt that every city Ortiz plays his final game at are dear to his heart.  As his final season gets closer to the end each series will get more emotional.  We chose his last four stops and final game help commemorate.

Here's an inside look at the cleats he will be wearing for his final games. Each cleat pairs with a commemorative off-field 574, cop your favorite here.


Maryland is known for their state pride and their crabs so I wanted to pay tribute to both. If you’ve had the luxury of eating crabs in Maryland you know how much of a ritual it is. It starts with laying newspaper across your table. So, I wrapped the cleat in newspaper articles about Ortiz. I added a photo - a real steamed crab on the top of each foot with a drop shadow to try and make it look as much like a real crab resting on his foot as possible.

"These might be my favorite pair of special make up cleats I've ever done." - Creative Design Manager, Jonathan Grondin


The typical “away” cleat usually has a grey base. While researching Tampa it is hard to ignore the uniquely high population of hammerheads in Tampa Bay – sharks also happen to be grey.  Big Papi is truly unique and every game he’s hunting for a ball to put in the stands. The icon in the heel is a hammerhead and the text reads ORTIZ.  The spike tips were shot in clear to symbolize water.

New York City

A Yellow Taxi Cab will eternally be a New York City icon.  Some of the details from the 2007 New Balance 480 Taxi Cab (a lifestyle shoe) made their way to the 4040v3 that Ortiz will wear on his last stop in the Big Apple. Overall, the cleat is predominately yellow. It’s popped with black and checkerboard details and the spikes are electroplated in metallic silver to represent the chrome bumpers from classic taxis. There are two unique features on the cleat: one is a taxi cab topper signaling that Ortiz is “on duty” and the other is a heel icon inspired by the 2016 taxi cab medallion.

"I never thought I would be working on the very last cleat that David Ortiz would wear." - Creative Design Manager, Jonathan Grondin


This cleat design is meant to touch on both the history and future of Canada. Currently, Ortiz’s cleats have his Dominican Republic area code on them so for these I replaced that with the Toronto area codes. It’s rumored that the fact each of them has a “6” in them may have contributed to the term “The Six”. The colors of the Toronto flag are royal blue and white with a red maple leaf on it so the cleat unitizes the same colors and percentage as the flag with a red “34” maple leaf on the heel. Toronto has an iconic skyline so that was added to the medial side of each cleat. 


Final Walk Off

This cleat is super clean and crispy white just like David wanted at our first meeting. There is no black (team color) on it but since it’s his last game we figured it was worth the risk and the perfect time to give him exactly what he asked for two years ago. This cleat is 100% in commemoration of all his “walk offs.” One shoe has the logo we created while the other has complete list of all his “walk off” dates.  His name is bold across the tongue and the heel of the left shoe says “WALK” while the right says “OFF”.  

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