Amp Up Your Training With This Full-Body Workout

Where to Start?

You can find battle ropes in almost any fitness supply store or at a mariner's supply store. Nylon ropes with rubber ends are ideal for absorbing sweat and retaining grip. Look for ropes that are 1.5 or 2 inches thick and 50 feet in length. The goal for getting the maximum benefit out of battle ropes is in maintaining intensity and effort. You may only be able to sustain a few minutes of effort at the start, and detect an unevenness between one side of your body to another, but over time, you will see that imbalance diminish.


Basic Workouts

Tie or secure your rope around a fixed anchor, so you have 25' of rope in each hand. Begin with a standard wave workout. Grasp the ropes and start making waves on each side without any down or slack time. The closer to the anchor you are, the more power it will require to sustain the waves. Exercise for 20 seconds without a break and eventually build your strength so you can sustain a 15-20 minute workout. Remember to resist holding your breath and continue to focus on your inhale and exhale throughout the workout. Battle ropes take 100 percent effort and maintaining good oxygen flow throughout the workout is essential for maximum efficiency.


Increase the Intensity by Making Small Adjustments

Battle ropes allow you to get maximum benefit from small changes. To increase your stamina, pick up the pace of your wave workout. Reduce the length of your ropes to force yourself to use more strength. Bend your knees and use your hips and legs to generate additional power. You can also try adjusting your workout by performing the wave workout from a kneeling or seated position. Vary your workout by increasing the number of reps and the length of time you are pushing yourself for. Change the direction of the waves from vertical waves to lateral waves and use a whole new group of muscles.

Beat back the boredom of a run-of-the mill workout with a rope at your side (or in your hand). You'll not only be whipping yourself into shape, you'll be having lots of fun in the process. 


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