Milos Raonic Celebrity Game Shoe

The tennis superstar's court shoes get a celebrity makeover

Coming off a hot performance in Australia where he made it to the semi-finals, Canadian tennis superstar Milos Raonic will be taking his game indoors with fellow celebs during All-Star weekend. Under the bright lights, Milos will be rocking the unique special make-up shoe you see below. 

We had our design team take his signature tennis shoe, the 996, and create a mid-cut silhouette. "It's very special and meaningful to me," Milos told us this week. "To take a current tennis shoe and make it a hybrid premium shoe is very innovative." 

Milos told our designers he likes bright colors to stand out from the crowd so we picked bright cherry as the base color of the upper. The shoe boasts a translucent iced outsole with a crackle back print as well as the Canada Maple Leaf graphic on the heel to pay homage to his roots. 




"The most special thing to me is the personal touch of the Maple leaf on the back and the number 94, representing the year my family and I immigrated to Canada. I wouldn't be where I am today if my parents didn't make that move, and I definately wouldn't be playing as part of this weekend." - Milos Raonic.


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