NB Fitness Ambassador shares the why behind her fitness journey

The WHY. I believe fitness is an art form and sweating is a result of practicing your art. Every time I take, teach or create new Kick It routines I sweat and the sweat represents hard and important work. I push myself so hard in my practice because I want to be better for myself and for other people. The best part of getting to that intense place when I am workout out is that I am actually enjoying it and so are the people around me. Feeding off of other peoples positive energy is powerful and I find that I am my best when I am exercising with others. 

Boston based entrepreneur, Owner of Kick It By Eliza™  and NB Fitness Ambassador Eliza Sherazi is best known for her firecracker personality infused into her heart pumping, energizing, empowering "Kick It" workouts - a 13 round fitness method that is music driven, sweat inducing and kickboxing inspired that Eliza created, born out of her passion for fitness and dance. You can find Eliza at several fitness clubs throughout the city, fitness pop ups and New Balance Girls Night Out events. "My happy place is watching women empower other women in classes. Sometimes I jump into this part of my classes to feel what they are feeling. The music is bumping, everyone is moving to the beat, sweat is dripping and I have someone in front of me pushing me to my max," says Eliza.

"Sweat is viewed as a privilege - a privilege to be able to move your body and see the hardwork pore out of you...literally." 


Eliza Sherazi #whywesweat

WE is way more powerful than me. If you've ever taken a Kick It class, you know exactly what this means..."you walk in as strangers and leave as best friends" as Eliza tells us.  There is something to be said about fitness culture and the close knit communities it fosters. "The girls that join me in my classes are from all different walks of life, but we all have one common denominator...Kick It. Kick It brings people together and allows them to interact with each other in the class. This interaction is specifically designed to create a mega-empowerment factor and make the people in the class realize that we are stronger together" says Eliza.


SWEAT is powerful. There's no better feeling than pushing yourself to the max while the chant of supportive, positive voices cheer you on. "The sound of sweat is the sound of high fives the women give each other at the end of class knowing they made it together," says Eliza. It's a very proud moment and for Eliza, "when I hear people hooting and hollering, they are my strength. It takes a lot of energy to take or teach a class, so to be surrounded by people who are telling you out loud that they are with you is meaningful and moving" says Eliza. 


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