NB Fitness Ambassador shares the why behind her fitness journey

WHY Aly sweats. I sweat because I know that even when I feel my worst, it will make me feel better. I know that I like to enjoy life, eating delicious food, grabbing drinks with friends, traveling, etc., so I like to know that I am balancing it out with a workout before or after. Group fitness is my jam; I love a room full of people in the same zone working hard. The energy of a crowd drives me. I also love to dance/jam out when I workout, so music is a HUGE part! Work hard, play hard is my mentality each time I sweat!

Meet Aly Raymer, a Boston based NB Fitness Ambassador, Yoga Instructor and Senior Lead Spin Instructor  who is city-wide known to bring the heat to her spin classes with her infectious energy and motivating classes that always rock out to the hottest beats. And only fitting for Aly, her favorite sweat place is none other than "a dark room, loud music and bikes full of people. I love the studio vibe, especially specialized studios outside or larger gyms. When I walk into a studio I feel at home, I feel confident. I know that everyone is there for that specific workout, looking to get stronger, better and happier" says Aly. 





Just let it go. We've all had "one of those days"... where it seems like you can barley come up for air because you just hustled your way through 9-5 and are left feeling completely mentally and physically exhausted. And for some of us, there's no better way to recharge than having a good sweat. Aly tells us the first thing that comes to mind is to just "let it go." For her, "being able to walk into a room, studio, class or venue where I can turn off the outside world for an hour and focus on my body can be the best remedy for any stress I have" says Aly. Let's be honest, it's never easy and there are times when we all have experienced that moment of "do I have to?" Aly admits, "sometimes I don't want to get out my saddle and sprint, I want to skip the extra burpee or chaturanga but then I know when I leave I will regret those moments. Those decisions are crucial to getting stronger, those moments can define your workout." 




WE sweat because we can.  There's nothing more fulfilling than crushing that butt-kicking workout you go to every week with your friends by your side. As Aly tells us, "there is no 'I' in 'TEAM' and it's so true at my studio. We are successful because we challenge each other, we help each other grow and we love to see each other successful." Aside from teaching, Aly herself takes a lot of pride in her sweat dates, "my closest friends and I always make sweat dates whether it's spin, yoga or another style class, it's key to our relationships. Being able to look over and give the 'HOLY CRAP' face to your girls when the teacher asks for one more burpee is the best. It usually makes me laugh which in turn keeps me going."  


"Sweat is the smell of hardwork without a care of what you look like but how you feel. It is the smell of confidence."



Aly Raymer #whywesweat

What inspires us to SWEAT?  For some of us, working up a killer sweat requires a boost of inspiration whether that be a go-to play list you're eagerly waiting to unleash the moment you walk into the gym or hitting up your favorite instructor's class who never fails to disappoint. For Aly, "my inspiration is more music driven than anything. I connect to music on an emotional level not just with lyrics but with the beats, the intricate layers of sounds and the mood." And if you've taken an Aly Raymer spin class you know exactly what this means. "In most classes I teach and take, the playsits are the driving force. The music can give a distraction from the tough moments and give momentum when you need something to push you," says Aly. 


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Photography Credit: Grace Sims (Cycling Studio), Alex Dusterfield (Window Sill, Yoga Stretches)


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