The Playoff Push:

7 insights from superstar Jose Bautista

Right fielder, Jose Bautista is on a playoff push leading Toronto into the post season for the first time in 22 years. In talking to him recently, he made it clear that much of his success on the field can be attributed to being mentally and physically prepared by listening to his body, and stretching – all the time.

When Bautista’s not on the field, here’s where else he can be found staying game-day ready and preparing himself mentally and physically.


When hanging out in the clubhouse:

“I like to listen to my body, if any part of my body at any point in time in the day feels tight, I move and control it. I don’t want to get to stiff. In baseball you stand around for 30+ minutes at a time, and then all the sudden you got to go – it’s important to stay loose.”

When working out:

“I’ve gone away from more traditional weight lifting programs and do more mobility, Olympic lifts, kettlebells and using my own body weight – lots of pull-ups on monkey bars and crazy stuff like that! I’m in better shape now than I ever was because I know what works for my body. I’ve tried everything; I have experience so I know what works best for me.”

“I think it’s important to prime your central nervous system – teaching your brain how to control different muscles. Working new muscular connections make for some of the most challenging workouts. It’s the most exhausting type of workout for me mentally. Physically it’s the easiest, but mentally the hardest.”

When he has a day off:

“I do nothing, try to disconnect and enjoy myself. I do everything but baseball – I think having a mental break helps.”

When in a slump:

“Sometimes you’re chasing thoughts which leads to bad habits, which leads to not getting the results you want. Instead of focusing on results, focus on the process… Disconnect and break up your routine as much as you can.”

When on the road:

“I like seeing different places and trying all the local food. I’m Dominican so I like Latin food, I don’t know where the best is; places like New York, Miami, Houston or Chicago are great – I like to try everything though!”

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