Inside Abbey D'Agostino's Bag

By: New Balance
Posted on September 2, 2015

It's no accident that Team New Balance’s Abbey D'Agostino is one of the fiercest forces in American distance running. She shows up to practice every day ready to work hard, equipped with a few essentials that help her get it all done. 

Abbey empties her bag below to show us all the things that she needs to train and compete on the world stage. 


Chap Stick: Look good, feel good. Besides, chapped lips are the worst!

Sports Drink: In addition to water, I like to make sure I have an electrolyte-packed drink for right after the race to maximize recovery.

Music: I love listening to pump-up-type music a few hours before the race, before switching to something more relaxing to calm my nerves as the race approaches.

Cough Drops: The purpose of these is twofold: they prevent my mouth from getting too dry before races, and they alleviate "track hack" after races, which is especially important during the indoor season.

"The Pantry": My team at Dartmouth and I came up with this fun name for the snack-loaded storage bag I'm almost constantly carrying around. My race-day "pantry" usually contains a variety of granola bars, bananas, and, undoubtedly, chocolate.

RC1600s: New Balance makes the lightest racing flats -- the RC1600s give me confidence that I am ready to run fast!

My team ring: This reminds me of the powerful women who train with me, support me, and inspire me daily. Thinking of them before races helps me "channel" their energy and grit.

My "Worry" Rock: My mom gave me this smooth, glazed-over rock as a gift, to rub for calming comfort when I'm feeling anxious. It makes me think of her, since she always carried one around during her own competitive years.

Favorite Quotes: I keep an index card with my favorite Bible verses and inspirational quotes to read right before I check in for my race. They give perspective, remind me of why I run and why I should be brave, and bring me the peace and confidence I need when I approach the line.

Fresh Foam Zantes: I'm a big fan of the Fresh Foam Zante for my faster speed sessions.


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