NEW Fresh Foam
& Performance
Merino Wool Apparel

Smooth by design. soft by nature.

Fresh Foam cushioning for a fast, smooth ride. Ultra soft Performance Merino Wool Apparel that’s naturally moisture-wicking and warm. Together, they’re an unstoppable combination for your run.


Running Shoes & Activewear for Women

Fast feel. Pure performance. Delivering an incredibly smooth heel to toe transition, Fresh Foam running shoes are a neutral runner’s go-to. Combined with our Performance Merino Wool running apparel for men, they give you the power to help you take each run further.

Running Shoes & Activewear for Men

Experience cushioning like you’ve never felt before. Fresh Foam neutral running shoes for women were developed using data from runners to deliver and unbelievably smooth heel to toe transition. Paired with our Performance Merino Wool running apparel for women, they give you comfort and style for runs long and short.

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