There are seven billion people on Planet Earth ... and only nine have ever run faster than #TeamNB’s Trayvon Bromell. While the Florida native practically spends each minute of every day focused on making that list shorter, Tray’s journey from high school star to World Champion sprinter is never far from his mind. In fact, he’s documented the defining people, places and moments of his life through his tattoos, which serve as daily reminders of how hard he’s worked in his relentless drive to be the fastest human on the planet.

We’re celebrating Tray’s epic journey, as told through his tattoos, with the Limited Edition Vazee Glory Pack. In fresh, all-white colorways with his tattoos accented in gold, Tray’s head-turning style radiates through his go-to shoes for practice and race day, the Vazee 2090 and Vazee Sigma. He talks us through the story behind the ink featured in the pack below.

“My tattoos are basically the art of my life.”

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“This tattoo is for my mom – she’s an artist. Her name is Shri Sanders and the tattoo is a dream catcher with art utensils. Dreamcatchers catch the bad dreams and releases the good, so the utensils show how she helped me draw out my life and now all the good dreams are coming true.”


“I have the shark tattoo here on my forearm that says, ‘I. W. N. S’ and that means, ‘I. Will. Never. Stop.’ This one means a lot to me because it shows how hungry I am, just like a shark. A shark never stops moving because there’s always something to do. He keeps swimming to stay alive and I feel like that’s how I live my life. I keep working. I keep moving forward.”


“Here on my chest, this is a tribal tattoo I made up myself. The middle symbolizes night and day when God put up barriers to protect me. Even with the obstacles that get thrown at me in life, he gives me the wings to soar. Under that I have a compass that says, ‘Find your way in life.’ That means a lot to me, too, because I’m still trying to fit in this bracket in the world. I’m trying to see how far I can push myself to become the best person I can be every day.”


“Here I just have two dove birds that signify cleansing to get rid of the bad and bring in the good.”

Owl Eyes

“The barn owl eyes symbolize that God is always with me. You know he brings light to the darkness just like how owls can see light even in the dark.”

Love &

“Up here I have the
words ‘Love’ and ‘Loyalty’ because I feel like those are the most important things to me: the love for my family and friends.”

Behind the Design

We caught up with Luc Fusaro, footwear designer on our Race Day team, to get an inside look at the design process of this unique pack.


When Trayvon joined Team NB last fall and we got to know him better, we learned a lot about his tattoos and discovered there were deep stories to each. Each day he’s reminded of his journey because he carries the people closest to him and special moments in his life on his skin, which is pretty incredible, so we wanted to celebrate his ink in a special way.

Talk us through your design process. How did you approach mapping Tray’s tattoos on each shoe?

Creating the Vazee Glory Pack was very different from any other projects I have worked on.

To start, we recreated all of his tattoos, one by one, based on detailed shots we took when we visit Tray in Waco, Texas, where he lives and trains. Spending time drawing his tattoos helped me get a sense of the meaning he attached to each one. They are all very unique and beautiful pieces of art.

Once we completed this first task, it was time to map them strategically on the upper of the Vazee Sigma and on the white outsole of the Vazee 2090. The process was very hands on, with a lot of printing and cutting to see what would be the best arrangement and the right scale.

Both pairs of the Vazee 2090 and Sigma are asymmetrical. How did that make this project different than others?

When mapping all the pieces together, I tried to group tattoos with a similar theme. The right shoe on each pair includes all his tattoos that share an elevation theme, including the doves, wings, compass and dreamcatcher. I also used the clouds as filler.

On the other hand, his tattoos sharing an earthy theme are featured on the left shoe of each pair, including the praying hands, the shark and the “love and loyalty” phrase. On the left shoes, I used his roses as filler.

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