Jake Chanin

Cardiology Fellow // Upper East Side, NY
PR TIME - 2:53:20

“2014, mile 16. Tibial stress fracture. I limped off. Two months on crutches. PT twice a week. I’m not just training for this year’s race. I’m training to finish last year’s.”
Christina Vivinetto

Audit Associate // Manhasset, NY
Target time - 2:59:59

“I’ve found I get more speed from the strength of putting in high miles. I always feel the difference in my regular runs and races when I get quality long runs."
Quinton Counts

Artist // Astoria, NY
Target time - 4:59:59

“I did an 11-mile run in prep for my first marathon. Afterwards I didn’t feel tired or achy. I knew then that maybe I could come out of a marathon alive.”
Amy DiMeola

Teacher // Glen Head, NY
Target time – 5:00:00

“Running a 14-miler at 5 am, while pushing a stroller, is probably a little insane. But my daughter cheers me on, which helps. Particularly on the hills.”
Joseph Mayer

Student // Queens, NY
Goal 3:29:59

“I am constantly working to keep up with my classes and the same thing applies to my marathon training. With race day approaching quickly there is no time to slack off.”
Nicole Green

Pediatric Resident // Midtown East, NY
PR Time: 3:05:49

“A 20-mile run after a 24-hour shift. This is marathon training. Don’t tell me there aren’t enough hours in a day.”
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