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Meet Andrew Brandmeyer

We are proud to support American Makers, like Andrew Brandmeyer, oil painter and emerging artist.

his story

St. Louis-based artist, Andrew Brandmeyer, started showing his creative side at a young age through drawings. Although he took his first painting class at 19, Brandmeyer didn’t initially connect with the structured approach of expressing his creativity. “It wasn’t until my early 20s though, where something clicked, to where I really fell in love with the medium,” he explains. Being exposed to the work of Basquiat and other artists had a profound life-changing impact, “The inspiration really kicked in to pursue this. And I decided I was going to do this for a very long time if not indefinitely.”

Now a teacher, Brandmeyer tries to keep his students in perspective as they navigate the creative process. It’s advice he also keeps in mind as he works in his studio, “Things that you might consider mistakes, those are what’s going to be the beautiful part of the painting when it’s all finished.” As Brandmeyer continues to express himself through his painting, he hopes that his art is going to be his legacy. “This is going to be my footprint.”

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