with designer victor t.

Q: What do you like about the Mecha genre?

A: In short form, everything. The longer response? The entire concept is just very fun. Even though at times the medium portrays emotional and dramatic events, it also has very strong messages and can even tell inspirational stories, too. Plus…it’s just really cool.

Q: Tell us a little more about the stories.

A: The stories can follow the basics of any kind of action/sci-fi theme, but they also display massive amounts of teamwork. While the giant robot and the pilot end up being the main focus, they are nothing without the support of their friends, family and mechanics who keep them motivated and the Mecha up and running.

Q: What inspired you to design a shoe based on the genre?

A: The main thing that moved me in that direction was the shoe styles. The 1600, 999 and 580 have shapes that look like something that would be designed for a Mecha to wear. I thought it would be fun to make my own Mechas based off of original designs, but also throw in an homage to all the old school and modern Mecha designs that exist today.

Q: What design elements on the shoes came from Mechas?

A: Mechas are giant superheroes when it comes down to it, so I stuck with primary colors that everybody can relate to. Red, blue, and yellow are what draws the eye to the styles. Primary colors sit with black, gray, white, and even navy to make the neutral colors explode off the shoe.

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