"Each day I wake up hungry to compete. I will shock the world in this shoe."

DAY 90 - Vazee Sigma

Day 91
Day 91

"The indoor track is where we spend a lot of time in the winter. The hurdle drills I'm doing here help get the hips loose before a workout."

DAY 91 - Fresh Foam Zante and Trinamic Collection

Day 92

"Waco is a chill place. It's where I can really focus on my running and get things done."

DAY 92 - Elite Edition Solarized MRT580

Day 93

"The training room is like my temple. It's where I go to get nutrition and maintenance on my body."

DAY 93 - SD200

Day 94

"Art is part of my life. I have always enjoyed the uniqueness of art and tattoos have always caught my eye. My tattoo parlor, Infamous Ink, in Waco and my big brother, Brainstorm, back in St.Pete are the places I always go."

DAY 94 - Vazee Rush Suede

Day 95

"After practice and on the weekends, I spend time with my teammates. I love my track family at Baylor."

DAY 95 - 574 Weekend Expedition

Day 96
Day 96
Day 96

"I have to keep a fresh cut, period, so I stay at the barbershop. I only have two barbers, Nick here in Waco at Look at Me Now Barbershop and Derrick, who has been my barber for 11 years in St.Pete."

DAY 96 - Vazee 530

Day 96

Day 97

"I love hitting the weight room, I love getting bulked up. To be a great athlete you have to love the burn!"

DAY 97 - Minimus 20v5 and Trinamic Collection

Day 98

"Before workouts like this one at the outdoor track, I make sure to stretch a lot. Stretching is important to an athlete because the last thing you want is to pull a muscle. I stretch all the the time, 24/7. I even do yoga. It's the only way to stay away from pulled muscles."

DAY 98 - Performance Merino Hybrid Jacket, Precision Run Tight and Fresh Foam Zante

Day 99

"The vibe and scenery is nice in Downtown Waco. I don't go too much, but I do enjoy the atmosphere when I go."

DAY 99 - 574 Weekend Expedition

Day 99

Day 100

"I love the 3D-printed shoe. My style is important to me and I always want to be seen. This shoe is very unique and comfortable - and it's also great for everyday running."

DAY 100 - 3D-Printed Running Shoe and Push the Future Tee

Day 100

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