How fast can a human run?

Trayvon Bromell is one of the few athletes on the planet who might actually be able to provide a real answer to that question. A rising sprint phenom and the newest member of the New Balance Family, Bromell has obsessed over the notion of blasting through the known limits of human speed since the day he first started running. Since then, he has poured everything he has into finding out the answer and along the way, has smashed countless records in his path.

At just 20 years old, Bromell’s track dominance has established the Florida native as one of the top sprinters in the world. As the world junior 100m record holder and the first high school athlete to break ten seconds in the event, Trayvon’s success has accelerated at an unimaginable pace.

This past summer, Trayvon rewrote history when he ran 9.84 seconds at the U.S. Championships in Eugene, Oregon, becoming the first U.S. teenager to qualify for the World Championships in the 100m. He then followed that up by becoming the youngest U.S. athlete ever to medal in the 100m at the World Championships, running 9.92 to claim the bronze.

100 Days of NB

Bromell is a crucial, electrifying member of Team NB. Being part of that family absolutely has its perks, including getting first crack at the full array of performance and lifestyle shoes that NB has to offer. Trayvon, a bonafide sneakerhead, has wasted no time diving into our footwear world. In fact, he’s enjoyed test driving his new NB kicks so much that he’s taken the world through each of his 100 different pairs, one day at a time, for 100 consecutive days. And just like on the track, Trayvon is charging through the finish line strong, wrapping up his hundred days with the absolute best of his NB shoe game.


When we recently spent a day with Trayvon in Waco, Texas, where he lives and trains. He took us on a tour of his favorite spots around town while giving us a preview of the final 10 pairs in his NB countdown.

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