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In 42 days I went from 1,500 followers to 32,000

Aaron Pegg
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Photographer Aaron Pegg is known for his rapidly growing Instagram account (@underground_nyc) where he turns grungy NYC subways into stunning moments of storytelling.

We caught up with Aaron to learn more about his creative process and how to get Instagram-famous, or at least pull likes in the double digits.

What are your 3 top tips for posting good pics that’ll get lots of likes?

  1. Think of your Instagram feed as a whole body of work.
    You want it to stand out and be unique.
  2. Whether you like to shoot portraits, landscapes, architecture or food, make
    your images consistent in terms of editing style, mood or filter.
  3. Overall composition of an image is key. With great composition and great perspective,
    you can make anything look good. Even NYC subways!

What’s your advice on filters?

As far as filters and editing overall, it’s really up to the individual and their style. I prefer a clean natural editing look when it comes to portraits and a more moody feel when it comes to landscapes.


What’s the secret to getting lots of likes?

There really is no secret to getting many likes on one photo. Some do really well and some don’t. I just try to keep my work consistent and post what I like.

How does angle and perspective play into Instagram photography?

Like I mentioned earlier, composition is everything. You can have three photographers who shoot the same subject and have three totally different perspectives. I love leading lines and symmetry so I try to incorporate these features in each of my photos.

Does timing matter? When do you think is the best time to post?

As far as the best times to post, it takes time for you to learn about your demographic of followers. Over time, you’ll notice what time of day and what days are best for your audience. However, in general, the best times during the week day are morning (8am-10am EST, lunch time (12pm-2pm EST) and after work (7pm-9pm EST). Sunday evenings are great as well.

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