2014 / Fresh Foam The Science of Soft.
Using runner testing and analysis, Fresh Foam was the first collection to have biomechanical data inform its shoe design.
“It was the first time we had data and algorithm-based software help us design shoes. We had all this data from athletes: mostly impact, force and pressure testing. And we wanted to see how we could design midsoles with little to no input from designers. Straight data to design.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“What’s really unique about Fresh Foam and what gets me excited is, it’s just a smarter way to design soles and learn about where you need support and cushioning.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“It’s using data to influence the performance of the shoe. So it’s not like, ‘Oh, let’s just design something that’s trendy and looks funky.’ This is actually raw data. It looks like this because this is what the data is telling us. It’s performance driven.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
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