2012 / RC5000 Lighter. Faster. Better.
With a weight just over 3 oz., this ultralight racing flat broke barriers in the track world and remains a favorite of elite runners today.
“A few years ago, I went to a bike show in Vegas and saw a bike that was something like five or six pounds. The builder just decided to challenge himself and strip everything down to what’s essential. And that just made me think, ‘what can we do to footwear that would be a similar exercise?’” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“At the time, the lightest shoe was like 3.8 oz. or so. But I gave myself a goal of 3 oz., just something I knew was sort of realistic but also pretty extreme. So I looked at everything from the rubber, to the amount of foam we put in there even to the laces – every gram counted.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“The main reason car brands love prototyping racecars is to test new technologies: you learn something that influences something else down the line. This was our prototype car. And thanks to this shoe, we ended up with a new material called FantomFit that’s in a lot of shoes now. There’s a lot we can learn just by pushing what we know.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
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