1980 / 620 Lighter Than Air.
The streamlined 620 was purposefully designed to be the lightest running shoe on the market at the time.
“When our team was trying to design the lightest shoe in the world in the RC5000, we looked a lot to the original 620. At the time, 7.9 oz. was a big deal. Even just the style of the shoe – the visual sleekness – is inspiring in itself.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
1976 / 320 The Trendsetter
Breakthroughs in cushioning catapulted the 320 to the top of Runner’s World’s lists – and NB to the forefront of modern shoe design.
“All our shoes from the ’70s and ’80s had the same layout: mid-foot saddle, forefoot tip, and foxing in the heel. That’s been the recipe for many of our successful shoes.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
1960 / Trackster The Breakthrough
The world’s first performance running shoe made in multiple widths finally gave runners the option of finding a better-fitting shoe.
“It was a quest for a better fitting shoe and nobody was offering multiple widths at that time. Pretty innovative for 1960.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“It was all rubber, no spikes. I’m sure this outsole pattern was designed for shock absorption and also just traction overall. This is the first iconic saddle New Balance shoe.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
1938 / Our First Running Shoe The Archetype
A lightweight kangaroo leather, crepe-soled shoe custom-designed for the local Brown Bag Harriers running club in Belmont, MA.
“Kangaroo leather is a natural lightweight material. So, already there was some thinking about innovation and lightweight, which is really cool.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
“It was totally all about function-pattern engineering back then. You can see that here in this kind of saddle, which is something New Balance is well known for now. That’s in pretty much every New Balance running shoe you see today.” JF Fullum Director of Design Innovation
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