myNB Rewards Frequently Asked Questions


What Is myNB Rewards?

myNB Rewards is New Balance's reward program where consumers can earn NB points for purchases and non-purchase activities. myNB Rewards members receive level specific benefits and have the ability to redeem for rewards based on their NB points balance.

How do I enroll in MYNB REWARDS?

  • Via NB app
  • Account Signup online on
  • Visiting participating New Balance store
  • Contacting New Balance customer care center toll-free at 1-800-595-9138 or email

Will I receive a membership card?

No, you will not receive a membership card with this program. All accounts are identified via enrollment email address.

Will I receive statements in the mail?

No, you will receive monthly email statements.You can access your account history and status via NB App or online via your Dashboard.

Where can I find myNB REWARDS terms and conditions?

myNB Rewards Terms can be found within the NB App or located here.

What US stores support MYNB REWARDS?

Starting May 2016, we will be offering myNB Rewards in various New Balance locations. To find your closest participating store, please go to the Store Locator and look for the myNB Rewards flag.

Your Account

How do I sign in to myNB Rewards account?

To sign in to your myNB Rewards account, either visit the NB App or access the My Account page. To sign in, you'll need your myNB Rewards email address and password.

I am an existing online customer, can I use my same username and password to sign up for MYNB Rewards?

Yes, you can select to join myNB Rewards via the My Account page after you log in on Your existing username & password will remain for your myNB Rewards account. Once enrolled, you can also use your existing website credentials to sign in to your account on the NB App.

I am an existing member to New balance Store frequent buyer program, will my account information transfer?

No, these accounts do not link. In order to join myNB Rewards you can sign up via the Account Signup, the NB App, or in participating stores.

How do I update my account information?

To update your account information, "edit your profile" in the NB App or via your My Account page. Please note that you can only change your email address associated with myNB Rewards when online (not via NB app).

Why am I asked to complete a profile?

As outlined in our myNB Rewards Terms all personal information will not be distributed to outside parties and will not be shared. However, in order to send updates, offers and information that is relevant to you, we would like to collect basic information about who you are and what you like. Plus in order to receive your $10 off birthday reward you will need to provide your date of birth so we know when to send it to you.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, sign in to your myNB Rewards Account and visit the Login Information page.

How can I reset my password?

To reset your password, visit the myNB Rewards Account Login page and select Reset Your Password.

NB points

How do I earn NB points?

NB points can be earned by making New Balance product purchases or completing relevant point earning activities. For more details on earning NB points, please visit the myNB Rewards Program or download the NB App

How do I earn nb points for Strava activity?

In order to earn NB points for Strava activities, you must connect your myNB Rewards & Strava account (this allows the two accounts to share relevant account information data and requires your authentication), and publicly upload your activity to Strava. If your workout is not posted on Strava you will not receive NB points. Eligible activities will earn NB points within 10 minutes of activity being posted on Strava.

To connect your accounts, you can:


  • Log-in via the NB App
  • Select top left hamburger icon
  • Select “MY PROFILE”
  • Once you are connected the option will display as “DISCONNECT”

*Please note that if you are using a third party device, such as Garmin, you will need to connect activities from Garmin to Strava.

How do I follow New Balance on social media and earn NB points?

There are two ways to earn NB points for following New Balance on social media once you are logged into your account online:

  1. Go to the About myNB Rewards page and click each link listed in the “How To Earn” chart.
  2. Go to footer, and click each social media icon

You will only be awarded NB points for these actions once in a lifetime. NB points are not awarded for a follow on YouTube.

You can also earn NB points for following New Balance on social media once you are logged into the NB App:

  1. Select top left hamburger icon
  2. Select “WAYS TO EARN”
  3. Click each link listed in chart


There are two ways to earn NB points for writing a review on purchased product:

  1. Follow instructions on product review email sent after product was delivered.
  2. Log-in via
        a. Go to Order History for list of recent orders
        b. Select ‘View’ next to product that you want to write a review for
        c. Under ‘Product Details’ click style name
        d. Scroll down to ‘Customer Reviews’ section and click ‘Write A Review’

NB points will be awarded when product review is posted online.

How do I know how many NB points I have?

To learn about your NB points, you can visit your Dashboard either on the NB App or online once you've logged into your myNB Rewards account (click Dashboard). NB points are also listed at the bottom of participating store receipts.

How do I request credit for missing NB points?

To request credit for missing NB points, contact New Balance Customer Care Center toll-free at 1-800-595-9138 or email

When are my NB points posted for purchases?

NB points for purchases are typically posted within 5-7 days. If you purchase was made online or within the NB App, your NB points will be awarded after the order fully ships and payment is received.

How are NB points calculated?

For each purchase in participating stores, via the NB App, and online, you will receive 10 points for every $1 spent. All other earning activities have different point amounts associated with them (e.g. 500 points for downloading the NB App). To learn more about how points are calculated, visit the myNB Rewards Program page.

Do my NB points expire?

Each NB point will expire at the end the One (1) Year Anniversary month from which such NB point was earned. For instance, if the NB point was earned on June 10th, 2016, the NB point will expire on June 30th, 2017. You will receive triggered emails prior to the year expiration date to remind you to use the points. Details about point expiration can be found on the myNB Rewards Program page.


How many NB points do I need to get first reward?

To get your first reward, you need to accrue a total of 2,000 NB points. To learn more about the rewards catalog and NB points required for redemption, please visit the myNB Rewards Program page.

Are my NB points transferrable?

No, your NB points are not transferrable.

How do I redeem my rewards?

To redeem your rewards, go to the Reward catalog either on NB App or online through your myNB Rewards Dashboard. To ensure that you intended to redeem for each reward we will ask you to confirm that is the action you would like to take. Once you have redeemed for a reward we will not be able to transfer the reward or NB points back.


What benefits do I receive as a member of myNB Rewards?

myNB Rewards members receive benefits based on their level (e.g. Bronze, Silver, Gold). To learn more about benefits for each level, myNB Rewards Program page or NB App.

Do my benefits expire?

Yes, benefits are associated with your tier, and will expire 365 days from when they were earned. In order to keep current benefits members must earn enough NB points to remain in the tier. You will receive triggered emails that will update you as to when your tier will expire and how many NB points you will need to earn to maintain your current tier.

When will my birthday reward be available?

In order to receive your $10 off Birthday reward you must fill out your myNB Rewards profile with your day and month of birth. 7 days before your birthday you will receive an email notification alerting you that the reward is available for use within 90 days.

If you complete your profile within 8 days of your birthday, you will not receive the email notification, but the $10 off reward code will be visible in your member history (this will show as a reward transaction 7 days before your birthday).

All $10 off birthday codes will expire 90 days from the day in which the $10 off was made available (7days before your birthday). All members must enter the code at checkout in order for it to be applied.

Invite Friends

How can I Invite Friends to join myNB REWARDS?

Access the NB App, login to your myNB Rewards account, go to the Menu and click "Invite." Select the method for sending the invitation to your friend (text message, email, Facebook or Twitter). Your friend will then receive an invitation and a myNB Rewards invitation link. If your friend successfully signs up for myNB Rewards through the link, you will receive NB points for inviting your friend (up to 4 friend invitations per calendar year).

What should my friend do when he/she receives the myNB Rewards Invitation?

Your friend must click the referral link within their invitation and signup for myNB Rewards. NB points will not be awarded if signup was not completed via the link.

If my friend has already signed up with myNB Rewards through another invitation, can I still invite him/her to sign up a new myNB Rewards account again?

No. You can only invite friends who have never signed up for myNB Rewards before.

If my friend does not sign up for myNB Rewards after clicking on my referral link, but then signs up with myNB Rewards through other means, can I still get the invitation NB points?

No. You can only get the invitation NB points after your friend signs up for myNB Rewards through clicking on your referral link.

When can I expect to get my NB points for a referral?

Once your friend signs up for myNB Rewards through your invitation, you will get NB points that day.

What if the email address my friends uses to sign up for myNB Rewards is different from the one I sent the invitation to?

As long as your friend signs up for myNB Rewards through clicking the link within the invitation, you will get the NB points for the referral, even though he/she signs up with another email address.

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