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Low-Cut Cleats and Turf

Pound the batter’s box and scorch the base paths with New Balance low-cut baseball cleats.

Baseball is a very unpredictable game. There are a lot of variables, a lot of moving parts, and that’s why having that structured approach, having that routine, having any kind of stability is so important.

Evan Longoria

All-star 3rd Baseman Shop His Collection

Mid-Cut Cleats

Take hitting, fielding and baserunning to a whole new level with the superior ankle support and cleated sole technology of our mid-cut baseball cleat.


To play tough on the field, you need to train hard off of it. These cross-training shoes will help you get you game day ready.


From chilly early spring practices to hot summer games, these baseball team tops help keep you warm or cool, no matter what part of the season you’re in.


New Balance’s baseball pants and shorts take you from training to support to cool down in a variety of colors to match your team.


Make those difficult calls with ease in plate and base shoes that offer the protection and comfort you need to work even the longest extra-inning games.

  • New Balance Mid-Cut 950v2, Black

    Mid-Cut 950v2



  • New Balance Low-Cut 950v2, Black

    Low-Cut 950v2



  • New Balance New Balance 460, Black

    New Balance 460