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Featuring the 577, 1500 and all-new Epic TR

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Men’s Lifestyle Shoes

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  • 530 Vazee, White with Blue

    530 Vazee



  • 300 Aced It, Sonar with Impulse

    300 Aced It



  • 997 Connoisseur, Flint Grey with Blue & Red

    997 Connoisseur



  • 300 Graffiti Suede, Blue

    300 Graffiti Suede

    $64.99 (reg $74.99)


  • Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt, Navy with Light Grey

    Fresh Foam Zante Sweatshirt

    $94.99 (reg $119.99)


  • Classic & Casual Men’s Sneakers

    Every pair of vintage-inspired men’s shoes in our lifestyle line has a performance legacy that helped it earn classic status. From limited releases to updated basics, new colors and styles are constantly added. If you have a passion for stylish collecting men’s sneakers, you’ll want to keep this page bookmarked.