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Team New Balance: Meet Craig Miller

Team New Balance: Meet Craig Miller

How did you get started running?
In 9th grade I went out for cross country and was successful, and I just went from there.

When did you recognize that competing professionally was something you aspired to?
My freshman year in college

When did you recognize that competing professionally was something that you could do?
My junior year in college

Favorite training venue:
University of Wisconsin Arboretum

What is your favorite workout?
Fast 400 meter repeats on the track, because they are fun.

What is your least-favorite workout?
Long tempo runs because I'm really bad at them.

Favorite race event:

Do you have any superstitions related to competing?
I try to relax, and to not think too much.

What is your pre-race / warm-up routine?
3-mile warm up run, light stretching, some strides, put spikes on, and then some more strides

Piece of your race-day kit you would never be without:

What gets you most excited to compete?
Working hard in training and getting in good shape

Favorite meal, the night before a race:

Favorite post-race meal:
Burger and fries and maybe a beer or two

What food or snack is your guiltiest pleasure?
I'm guilt free.

What activity, apart from running, best-defines 'me time' for you?
Taking a shower

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Who would you most like to run with?
Zach Mellon

What tips do you have for new runners?
Everybody has a bad race once in a while, but you shouldn't get upset and stress too much about it.


Madison, Wisconsin


Nic Bideau

Personal Website Event(s) & Personal Bests:

  • 1500m 3:37.81
  • Mile 3:58.98
  • 3000m 7:49.94

Major Achievements:

  • 8-time All-American at University of Wisconsin
  • 2-time Big Ten Conference Champion
  • School record holder in indoor mile, indoor 3000m, and outdoor distance medley relay
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