Posted on Nov 16

"I Refuse To Let Cancer Get The Best of Me" Survivor: Sharon L

By: New Balance

"I Refuse To Let Cancer Get The Best of Me" Survivor: Sharon L

Years as a survivor Five years.

Sharon's Story When I saw the sonogram in January of 2008 - I knew. With a family history of breast cancer with both my mother and her mother - it always crossed my mind. Once confirmed, I went thru all the emotions of being overwhelmed, mad and scared. I made the decision to put on the gloves and fight this ugly cancer. Surgery, four rounds of chemo and 37 radiation treatments behind me, I still fear the follow up mammograms. What if something else shows up? Red headed, stubborn and head strong - I refuse to let cancer get the best of me. My hope and prayer is that NO other man or woman EVER has to be diagnosed with this disease again.

How are you involved in the fight throughout the year? This will be my third year to participate the in DFW SGK 3-Day. I always make it a point to be involved with the SGK Race for the Cure in Fort Worth in the spring. I also participate a local foundation for un-insured or under-insured breast cancer patients.

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