Posted on Nov 6

"I’m Not Laying Down for This" Survivor: Sam C

By: New Balance

"I’m Not Laying Down for This" Survivor: Sam C

Years as a survivor 13 years

Sam's Story After I told my husband, Russ, I had breast cancer, uncertain of what to do for me, he looked at me and told me to lay down. I said, “I’m not laying down for this,” and I never have. My mother died of breast cancer at the young age of 24 when I was only 3 years old. Hearing my own diagnosis 40 years later was devastating, not only to me, but our entire family. Today I am a 13-year very blessed survivor.

How are you involved in the fight throughout the year? This will be my eighth Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk. The fundraising and training seem to be ongoing throughout the year. I create newsletters for fundraising, keep everyone updated on the training and send stories and pictures of our walk after the event. Some mornings I would rather sleep in than go on a training walk. That’s when I remind myself that walking 60 miles is a lot easier than chemotherapy. Sore muscles are easier to overcome than bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction.

I keep walking because it’s my way of giving back. I didn’t have a choice about hearing a breast cancer diagnosis. I do have a choice about signing up for the 3-Day every year. Because breast cancer took my mother away from me at a young age, I don’t want anyone to grow up without their mother. I keep walking because I am honored to be here and participate. Being able to walk that far every year is a gift and I am honored to walk for those who can’t, for those we have lost, and to celebrate the survivors.

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