Posted on Oct 31

Appreciate the small things in life

By: New Balance

Appreciate the small things in life

Jacki Donaldson's "My Breast Cancer Blog" was recently featured on The Scarves Dot Net Spotlight Blog Post, where she discusses head on how she fought breast cancer and how she's hoping to inspire others.

Reading Jacki's story from the onset of when she discovered the lump on her breast in the shower, to going through the rounds of treatments and hospitalizations, to losing her long locks of hair, to the emotional and physical challenges, it puts life into perspective. And it's so important to have that support system of family and friends, as Jacki discusses.

For many of us who have been affected by cancer in some way, it sometimes leaves us asking, "how can I help?" Here's what Jacki had to say:

"My advice to those with a loved one fighting cancer is to do what these people did for me — sit with the patient during chemo treatments, deliver meals, send cozy socks and brownies and books, babysit kids, and most importantly, do not say, 'Let me know if you need help.' Just show up and help. Oh, and saying to a cancer patient, 'Everything will be okay,' is not always a good pick-me-up. Saying, “This really sucks,” sometimes means a whole lot more.

Thank you Jacki for being such a fighter and sharing your courageous story. You truly are an inspiration.

Credit: Scarves Dot Net Blog & Jacki Donaldson Read the Blog Post Here

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