Posted on Dec 9

Badass, Beautiful, & Breathtaking: #SeeMyRun

Badass, Beautiful, & Breathtaking: #SeeMyRun

(Photo by @GoldieKaufenber via Twitter, Boston, MA - Charles River)

Picture this: People from all over the world stop and take notice of your Picnic Point loop in Madison, Wisconsin in the middle of February, or they "LIKE" and "favorite" your single-track route past the wild flamingos outside of Willemstad, Curacao in August. Cool, right? It's like a little piece of your running life celebrated by the entire running community. Well now is your time to shine. Hot, cold, wind, water, track, trail, on top of the mountain, under the waterfall, and right downtown - all images are, in our opinion, beautiful and worth sharing.

This isn't a contest. This is a modern day show and tell where the big kids get to show their love of running and give a glimpse at the run that makes them most happy and most proud.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so you may leave the photo with no comments at all. Perhaps you want to give us the mileage, weather, location, altitude, or what you're training for. This #SeeMyRun is all yours. Post your photos via Twitter or Instagram along with the hashtag #SeeMyRun and we'll RT, repost, or even add them to our collection of New Balance's running photos.

This is new, fun, and to be shared with all levels of runners in your life. Without question, this is #Runnovation .

(Photo by @NewBalance via Instagram)

(Photo by @SKIPTRIPPIN via Instagram - Potato Chip Rock, California)

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