Posted on Dec 11

#SeeMyRun: Round 1

#SeeMyRun: Round 1

#SeeMyRun went live Monday night and we are happy to see sharing go through the roof from all over the world. Push the love, share your run, add to your community.

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by @mkelsey10 via Instagram at Stone Arch Bridge , Minneapolis, MN

"Chillin' in Minneapolis. #brrrrr #SeeMyRun #14four trip number 9. at Stone Arch Bridge"

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by @running2life via Instagram at Font-Rubi, Barcelona

"#SeeMyRun Font-Rubi, Barcelona, Catalonia."

(Wearing the Leadville 1210 )

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by @rossachristie via Instagram at Arthur's Seat , Edinburgh, Scotland

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by @teebreak14 via Instagram Kettle Moraine State Forest, Whitewater, WI

"What a beautiful place to stop for a run on my way back from Madison."

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by @scoutb via Instagram

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by @iinaester at New Orleans City Park

"My favorite place in New Orleans, The City Park. #SeeMyRun."

(Wearing the Women's Minimus WO10 - Not a tree climbing shoe)

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by Jillian King (@jking144) via Twitter at Chestnut Hill Reservoir , Newton, MA

"@newbalance Chestnut Hill Reservoir in all its glory @NewBalBoston practice #SeeMyRun #resruns #BC"

(Below) #SeeMyRun by @marcdv27 via Instagram at Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy) , California

(WARNING: Wearing the Leadville 1210 , seen here, doesn't mean you'll automatically reach the summit)

(Below) #SeeMyRun Photo by Jason Smith (@ChallengerWSM) via Twitter at Ngorongoro Crater National Park , Tanzania

"05:30AM Sunrise run, Tanzania, Africa along the Ngorongoro Crater, making sure not to become breakfast #SeeMyRun

(Below) #SeeMyRun by @jayruns131 via Instagram at Lemlunay Dive Resort

(See the updated Road Minimus family here )

(Below) #SeeMyRun by @red_005 via Instagram at Stone Mountain Park , Georgia

(Wearing the Minimus 20 )

(Below) #SeeMyRun by @maurissaklaire via Instagram

(Below) #SeeMyRun by @jayruns131 via Instagram

Shorty Howell Park (Duluth, GA)

(Wearing the Minimus 1010 )

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