Posted on Jan 15

Breaking Away: #TeamNB Women Dominate Final Track & Field Rankings

Breaking Away: #TeamNB Women Dominate Final Track & Field Rankings

The highly prestigious Track & Field News has been known to be the final say in end of year rankings. Earlier this week we were happy to see the US Women's rankings crowded with New Balance athletes at the top of their events. To be exact, three women from our team are standing proud at number one in four different events.

Congrats to Brenda Martinez (800m), Jenny Simpson (1500m and 5000m), and Emma Coburn (Steeple) who own the 2013 number one ranking in their four events (in order below).

Being proud of our entire team, we would also like to highlight Nicole Bush (3rd Steeple), Stephanie Garcia (9th Steeple), Kim Conley (4th 5000m) for racing their way into the top 10 in their respective events (in order below).

US Women's 2013 Final Rankings from Team New Balance are below. If you'd like to visit the full set of events please visit Track & Field News.

800 METERS 1. Brenda Martinez 2. Alysia Montaño 3. Ajee’ Wilson 4. Kate Grace 5. Laura Roesler 6. Heather Kampf 7. Mary Cain 8. Phoebe Wright 9. Jenny Simpson 10. Amy Weissenbach

1500 METERS 1. Jenny Simpson 2. Brenda Martinez 3. Mary Cain 4. Shannon Rowbury 5. Treniere Moser 6. Katie Mackey 7. Cory McGee 8. Morgan Uceny 9. Kate Grace 10. Gabriele Anderson

STEEPLE 1. Emma Coburn 2. Shalaya Kipp 3. Nicole Bush 4. Ashley Higginson 5. Jamie Cheever 6. Colleen Quigley 7. Amber Henry 8. Bridget Franek 9. Stephanie Garcia 10. Nicol Traynor

5000 METERS 1. Jenny Simpson 2. Molly Huddle 3. Shannon Rowbury 4. Kim Conley 5. Chelsea Reilly 6. Abbey D’Agostino 7. Treniere Moser 8. Brie Felnagle 9. Alisha Williams 10. Katie Mackey

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