Posted on Jul 26

November Project Introduction by the movement's Co-Founder Brogan Graham (Trailer)

By: This is #Runnovation by New Balance

There are many things in my life I'm proud of; Racing to qualify for the Boston Marathon, leading the Northeastern Huskies Crew to a grand final appearance, teaching primary school children in China how to say "you best backup off me brah," and the list goes on. When each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday rolls around here in Boston I find my way to the November Project, a free, grassroots, workout "tribe," that my good friend and teammate co-created on November 1st 2011. On those solo runs and rides to the meeting place I let my mind wander and usually smile as I wonder if this will be my largest contribution to the community and the movement I am most proud of in my life. November Project is by far the greatest part of my 12 years here in Boston.

What started out as two dudes committing to a month of working out before work quickly turned into a lifestyle. When that lifestyle began to interest others we began to recruit, support, hug, and sometimes taunt, the athletes of all levels who were drawn to what we were doing.

This summer we find November Project thriving in three cities in the United States with many more to come in 2014 and beyond. I urge you to consider #runnovation as more than just a running brand's campaign but more of a way of life. Why do you have to run 50+ miles to complete your first marathon? Why do you have to pay to attend a bootcamp? Why do you have to train the same way as everyone else? Why not take a new route, something fresh, something created on the spot? Like it or not, running is changing and becoming less boring. In our case, November Project is the proof that people want more. More community, more racing, more real interactions with the people-in-motion in their life pretty much always equal a more textured life.

I hope you follow us closely this week and into the changing seasons to see how we're changing the way people think about running. November Project; We've questioned normal methods for training, kept things competitive, and made a scene in three cities at the same time. Oh, and we're having more fun than all the treadmills on the entire planet combined.

This is November Project. This is #Runnovation.

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