Posted on Sep 17

New Balance Powers the First Sub-Four Minute Mile in Alaska State History!

New Balance Powers the First Sub-Four Minute Mile in Alaska State History!

On Friday night inside The Dome in Ankorage, Alaska, Team New Balance runner Jack Bolas pulled away from his pacer Daniel Stockberger after lap three and drove home a 3:58:3 mile, making Bolas the first in the state's history to break the legendary four-minute mark.

Jack had been cooking up this plan with New Balance Running for the past few weeks after he found out it had never been done. Accompanied by only a small team, his crowd inside the dome was nearly 200 strong and gave him the perfect backdrop to execute.

Jack, known by many to be calm and collected in most all situations, was feeling the pressure as the story built up heading into the attempt. When it was over there was a giant weight lifted and he seemed to bounce back to quickly being himself again.

Breaking four minutes in the mile has been done. The great Roger Bannister made the inaugural break though in Oxford, England on May 6th, 1954, almost 60 years ago. What makes Jack's effort amazing is the creative energy, drive, and excitement behind the project. The adventure in simply traveling to Alaska, a state that many Americans never get a chance to see, is cool. To go there to become the first in the states history to go under four minutes in the mile in front of screaming high school fans? That's #Runnovation.

Jack Bolas chose to make his run at history in the NB5000 spike, which you can read more about HERE .

Photo. Jack warming up before his historic run.

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