Making The Transition
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The Good Form Story
Learn how New Balance and Good Form Running are working to evolve thinking around running form.

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Making the Transition
Making the Transition
Learn what it takes as two experienced runners begin the transition towards Good Form.

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Meet the Players

Get to know Grant Robison, Josh Cordeira and Erin Ballard. Learn about their running backgrounds and why they want to learn Good Form Running technique.

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Stage 1: Getting Started with Good Form Running

Last fall, over the course of eight weeks, Good Form Running evangelist Grant Robison worked with two established runners to document their individual transitions in an effort to shed some light on what others might experience when setting out to improve their running form.

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Stage 2: Analysis and Adjustments

Four weeks into their transition, Erin and Josh met again with Grant to assess their progress and discuss the elements that continue to present the greatest challenges to each of them.

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Stage 3: Good Form for Life

For their third – and final – clinic, Josh and Erin once again met with Grant to review the progress made over the preceding eight weeks.

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Results: Off to a Good Start

We were astonished by the progress that Josh and Erin were each able to make over an eight-week period – not only improving their form, but also running in significantly-less pain.

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