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Made in USA Gets An Artist's Touch

By: Roman Castelvechi
Posted on November 21, 2014

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Roman Castelvechi, aka "captainzombi," on the streets in Belgium


We are moved every single day by the imagery that our communities worldwide are creating with their New Balances. For the ones that really strike us, we want to celebrate them in this space, giving them a platform to tell their story.

About a month ago, we noticed the photography work of an Instagram friend with the handle @captainzombi. Lovingly curated, every one of his sneaker shots has a certain feel and a very specific way that his shoe images are presented on his account - especially with the New Balances in his collection. We reached out to captainzombi to go a little deeper to find out who he is, where he is and what inspires him. These are his words to the NB global community:

"Hi, I’m Roman. I’m a Belgian-Uruguayan. I grew up between both but I’ve been living in Belgium for 15 years now and it’s for good. I’m 28  years old and I work in a piercing and tattoo shop in Brussels, which is the city I live in with my girlfriend.

"I have always loved sneakers. I remember when I was a child, each time my parents bought me a new pair, i thought I’d be able to run faster and jump higher and further, only because they were new and prettier than the ones before. On the other side, I’ve only been collecting them for two or three years.

"I mostly love the running-inspired styles, therefore I only have those in my collection. And I have to admit that New Balances are not the only ones I own, but I promise they are my favorites. I love the fact that I can buy perfect shoes that are made in the U.S. * or in England and to know that it’s one of the last brands that still does it nowadays. "

Here are some of Roman's photos. You may recognize some of his favorite styles:

new balance 998

Roman and his Connoisseur Authors 998

new balance 997

Roman and his Distinct Authors 997

new balance 990

Roman and his Connoisseur Authors 990

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** In 2013, 1 out of every 4 pairs sold in the USA were made or assembled here. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes "Made in USA."

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