Leather 928v2

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Stable and steady wins the race. The New Balance 928 men’s walking shoe features motion control and ROLLBAR® stability technologies and ABZORB® cushioning for comfort from morning till midnight.

Leather 928v2

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Leather 928v2

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Product Details
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Developed for all-day comfort, the New Balance 928 men’s walking shoe offers industry-leading motion control and superior stability thanks to our ROLLBAR® and Walking Strike Path technologies. Add to that ABZORB® midfoot cushioning, a seamless Phantom Liner and an odor-resistant treatment and you've got a shoe that can take you from 9 to 5 to whenever.
  • 13 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 13 mm drop are approximate
  • Comfort collar foam
  • Comfort tongue
  • Compression EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam midsole for cushioning
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement
  • Technology
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    Rubber compound for maximum durability used in high wear areas.

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    A posting system designed to reduce rear-foot movement.

    Outsole feature that helps stabilize and guides the foot through the walking gait cycle.

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    94 Reviews

    63% of reviewers recommend this product

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    Jan 11, 2017

    928 walking shoe for gout

    - Panama City beach, Florida

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "This is the only shoe that I buy for my hiusband who has severe gout. They have the widest shoe for his requirements."

    Jan 4, 2017

    New Shoes

    - Austin, Texas

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "This is the third pair of this shoe that I have bought from NB and I have been very satisfied with all of them. The oldest pair I use now out in the garden as they are so comfortable but alas, after many years of service, are beginning to wear out. I would highly recommend this model to anyone who has a very wide foot as I do."

    Jan 3, 2017

    new version of MW928

    - Tustin, CA

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I already own the older version which was MW928 and am very satisfied with it. So, I ordered a new pair of the same. I received MW928v2 which turned out to be a new version. It is a completely different fit. So, I am returning it. The new version is for people who do not require a wide shoe and toe space."

    Dec 28, 2016

    6E comfort that extends to the office

    - NH

    MyNB Gold Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Having to have 6E shoes really limits your selection. Finding a 6E shoe that I can also wear to work is even harder. These shoes look great at the office, fit my 6E foot, and are also super rugged."

    Dec 28, 2016

    What is NB thinking?

    - New York

    "Used to love NB shoes but lately I've been questioning their products. Not very comfortable. Will be looking for other options."

    Dec 23, 2016

    Reliably good

    - Bradenton, FL

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Have worn NB for 2 or 3 decades. Always satisfied."

    Dec 21, 2016

    Excellent well made shoe

    - Mendocino CA

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "This shoe is excellently made and is about as high quality as can be. It is extremely comfortable and sturdy. It feels very comfortable after hours of wearing it."

    Dec 20, 2016

    Why Change?

    - NEW YORK

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "This is the 2nd week for my new 928v2 and I must say that as per other reviews they may be a new version, but not a better version. Had to move from 2E to 4E to get the correct width. They also do not feel as comfortable as the original version. I don't understand New Balance and their insistence on bringing out new versions of long time models. If it isn't broke don't fix it! Also don't understand bringing out models i.e. boots but not making them only in regular widths, doing away with 990v3 slides with no replacement??????"

    Dec 20, 2016

    928v2 Did Not Fit Me In Same Size As My 928s

    - Austin, TX

    "I was very pleased with my 928s in the version that preceded the 928v2. I wear a size 16D in the original 928. When I received the 928v2 in 16D, I found them to have the following fit problems: Too narrow in the toe box. Cramped my toes and forefoot. The foot bed and arch were uncomfortable. The redesign makes the shoe look larger than the 928. The number of small ventilation holes has been reduced by around two thirds; a leather walking shoe should have ventilation. All in all, I was unhappy with these shoes and returned them to New Balance for a refund which was promptly credited to me. Then I went to a local retail store that sells New Balance 928v2. My foot measured 16D, but when I tried on the 16D I experienced the same problems as above. So, I tried a 16EE which did fit well, but still had some discomfort in the foot bed. I wore them around the house on the carpet for a couple of days and then decided to take them on the road. The foot bed appears to be forming around my foot and has become more comfortable after five miles of walking on trails and sidewalks. I am hoping these shoes will work out for me in the long run. It is unfortunate this design change was made and caused me a lot of extra work to fit my foot. Lesson learned: Shop in a real shoe store locally where they can measure your foot and give you a better chance to get a good fit. The sales person told me that the 928v2, even with its size change is a change for the better. The heel and sole have a better tread pa tern. The internal arch, roll bar and other functional parts of the shoe are more durable. He did agree the removal of ventilation holes and the re-design made the shoe a little less functional and less aesthetic in design. So, I would recommend this product for people with a need for extra foot comfort and for stability and support. But, be prepared for possible returns and trial and error to get a good fit to your feet."

    Nov 29, 2016

    928v2 Poor Quality

    - Detroit, MI

    "Horrible quality! Shoes fall apart. I will never buy shoes from New Balance again."

    Nov 20, 2016

    Hurting feet!

    - East Machias, Maine

    "I will never by a pair of these again! I wore them for two weeks and my feet were killing me! So--I ordered a pair of the NB 577. I have used these in the past and they are great. I thought that for $134 my feet would feel great, but not so!"

    Nov 18, 2016


    - North Carolina

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "My 928v2 shoes are well built and fit almost perfect...until Ihave to put the orthodics the surgeon insists I wear. Then the toe area is compromised to an almost uncomfortable feeling. Otherwise, the shoes are an excellent buy."

    Nov 17, 2016

    Terrible fit on the dorsal waaayy to low!

    - Wisconsin

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Review says it all and it feels like you're walking on a board. Go back to the drawing board with this one."

    Nov 16, 2016

    Comfortable Stylish Support

    - Massachusetts

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "The support provided by these shoes goes a long way toward helping me to avoid the pain from planter fasciitis and painful heel bone spurs at a fraction of the cost of orthotics."

    Nov 16, 2016

    Wide, Comfortable, Good, Stiff Support

    - Massachusetts

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "My doctor recommended New Balance athletic shoes to help address my chronic problems with planter fasciitis , heel bone spurs and the like. I originally purchased New Balance Men's M1540V2 Running Shoe,Silver/Bl​ue,12 6E and was very satisfied with the manner in which the stiff sole was able to prevent the onset of pain. I ordered these in both black and brown so that I can be comfortable when dresses casually without wearing a tennis shoe style."

    Nov 7, 2016

    heavy and hard

    - melbourne, florida

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "they feel like on a board, maybe a 2x4..i sent them back for something better"

    Oct 27, 2016

    Not the quality I expect from New Balance

    - Austin, TX

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Purchase these on-line to replace existing shoe of same model. Original was purchased in store - now closed. I've been buying New Balance for 30 years. This will be my last pair. They 'look' the same, but are so cheaply made my first thought was i had been duped into buying fakes. Nope. Just the way things are now. Quality is gone. These shoes won't last 6 months."

    Oct 24, 2016


    - Uxbridge, MA

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I've been wearing this shoe, or the previous similar model for a decade now. i change them out every 6 months, used mainly at work. Well the shoe has changed. The pair i bought in june has this very hard band that runs up from the sole to the top of the foot. why only the right shoe, i don't know. wearing the new one is so uncomfortable, i thought well, must have been poorly constructed, so i purchased another pair. nope same thing. so now i have 2 pairs of sneakers, that are too painful to wear. Found another manufacturer, going to try theirs."

    Oct 6, 2016


    - Fox,Ar

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Overpriced for the comfort while wearing and standing the insoles are like a lumpy mattress after a short time they make the bottom of your feet ache."

    Sep 28, 2016

    Digs in to the top of my feet

    - South Jersey

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I'm pretty much with all the others that complained about the stitching in this model. It's digging into me Sesamoid bone. I even loosened all the laces to where the shoes were practically flip-flops. No mercy even then. Thankfully, the NB store I bought them from will exchange them. I will miss the 926/7/8 series, as I'm sure the rest of you do. I'm hoping the 813's will be a suitable replacement. I use these strictly for work."

    Sep 28, 2016

    Great for office setting

    - Fort Worth, TX

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I wear the 928v2 every day to work. These look good with dress slacks while providing the support I need for Plantar Fasciitis (dress shoes don't always provide the support I need). Some of my day is spent walking on a cement warehouse floor and these work great. Size and width seem to run true."

    Sep 28, 2016

    Great Shoes

    - Apopka, FL

    "Most comfortable pair of shoes I'v ever owned! I wear the black as dress shoes."

    Sep 18, 2016

    What wanted.

    - Toronto, ON

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Sturdy, and usable/ passable for work. (Dual purpose )"

    Sep 12, 2016

    only shoe in my size

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "it fits my hobbit feet 14 6E and my flat right foott"

    Sep 9, 2016

    928 V2 Walking Shoes

    - Treasure Coast, Florida

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "These are my 4th pair of these and every pair is even more comfortable than the last. I get a new pair once a year. The extra wide size they come in (6E) is what makes them so comfortable not to mention the Roll Bar technology. I usually get them in black, but got the brown ones this time and am very happy with them."

    Sep 6, 2016

    Nice Shoe

    - gilbert, az

    "Shoe was recommended by the company who made my leg brace. I purchase one pair a year as they are a daily shoe for work....I'm hard on them but they hold up well. Comfortable,, looking and I now have an extra pair for wearing out with casual wear. They easily accommodate the lifts I need in one shoe and the brace with the other. I receive coupons for in store purchases, but ordering on line is better for me as the retail stores are a long drive. Would appreciate coupons for online as well."

    Aug 31, 2016

    92X still a good walker

    - Pittsburg, CA

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Been using 92X walkers for a long long time now as my primary shoe and they are still my favorite. Only complaint is the top 4, not only the top 2, eyelets need to be reinforced. I have lost 2 pair prematurely with the laces pulling through an eyelet next to the tounge link."

    Aug 26, 2016

    Love the shoe

    - Texas

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Excellent fit; comfortable right out of the box. Best walking and everyday wear athletic shoe I have found"

    Aug 23, 2016

    Papa's shoes

    - New Jersey

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Very secure, good support, can wear for many hours with comfort"

    Aug 22, 2016

    Diabetic recommend

    - Oxford, NC

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Thin is is my 5th pair. Four pairs are or were white and one pair of brown ones I wear for dress shoes"

    Aug 19, 2016

    Best Shoe Yet !

    - Jackson,MI

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have been Buying NB shoes for years & Love them. This New 928v2 is the best & most comfortable shoe Yet... If you like great looks & comfort this is the one !"

    Aug 16, 2016

    They work well as work shoes and seem to hold up.

    - Lawrence, KS

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Third pair, on cement 40 plus hours per week walking and/or standing the entire time."

    Aug 9, 2016

    If you walk, you need this shoe!

    - Tyler, TX

    MyNB Gold Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I looked long and far to find this style. It was finally shown to me by one of the NB supervisors. One foot is three sizes longer than the other; the other foot has a collapsed arch, has had four surgeries arthritis at the ankle. I needed shoes that were supportive, sturdy, and comfortable. I now have everything I needed in one style shoe. What would any sensible person do? Yes, I bought one pair in every color available! I'm happy I did. My feet are very 'happy' as well!."

    Aug 5, 2016


    - Florida

    "These are well built and sturdy leather walking shoes. Fit is importnt as there is little or no give. I returned my normal width for the next wider pair to get the proper size."

    Jul 25, 2016

    Great Fit

    - Davenport, IA

    "These shoes fit great and are comfortable to wear right out of the box."

    Jul 16, 2016

    The MW928BK2 is a smaller fit with a cheaper look and feel than the MW928BK.

    - NJ

    "I require a larger, wider and deeper shoe to accomodate ankle foot orthotic braces. My first shoe to accomodate these braces was the NB MW928 BK. I eventually needed to replace the shoes and found that the available shoe was the MW928BK2. This model is tighter, with a cheaper look than the original shoe. The MW928BK has turned out to be a great disappointment."

    Jun 30, 2016

    As other reviewers have posted, v2 is not like the previous versions

    - Dayton, OH

    "As other reviewers have posted, when New Balance came out with 928v2, unfortunately, the changes were undesired. I have been wearing the 927's/928's for years, and have always worn the same size every time, and the shoe fit perfectly. When I purchased the 928v2, the associate told me that the feedback had been that the v2 were running narrow. So I went up from 4E to 6E. In the store, it felt OK, as all new shoes always feel tight on me at first. After wearing them for several weeks, the shoe still being uncomfortable, I started to look at reviews. I wish I had done that prior to purchasing. LIke others have said, the shoe runs more narrow. Also, the clearance of the inside of the shoe has been reduced, particularly at the base of the tongue. After 2 seeks, I am still experiencing pain and discomfort wearing the shoe, and the top of my foot is red and painful at the end of the day due to the reduced vertical clearance. I have no idea why NB would make a change like this when the shoe was perfect to start with. Will have to try another style now, or go to another brand entirely."

    Jun 26, 2016

    Great shoe

    - Fort Myers, FL

    "As always New Balance delivers another quality shoe. Great feel, look and fit. Will be purchasing these for many years to come."

    Jun 14, 2016

    Nice shoe, stiching above toes comes apart well before rest of shoe showed

    - Los Angeles

    "Stiching above toes don't last two months with normal wear. Have purchased two pair, both failed at stitching above toes. Expensive lesson."

    Jun 13, 2016

    Not a proper SL2 Last, very tight in toebox

    - SD,CA

    "The 928 is just not a proper SL2 Last, like the 926 and 927 before it. People had been complaining about it so New Balance decides to come out with a version 2 and it is even worse than before. New Balance sizing is suddenly all over the place. I have to buy a 12.5 even though I'm a 12 and the width is way narrower than it should be. We need a 929 with a proper SL2 Toebox!"

    Jun 9, 2016

    Instep is snugger than in the past

    - Orange, CA

    "I have been wearing a version of this shoe for about 15 years. The early versions were tremendous and extremely comfortable. But for some reason, New Balance keeps revising a product that needed no or little revision. This is the first model that may be unwearable for me. The instep is very tight. It seems like the toe box height has been lowered. The model I bought last year was also tight, but I was able to break them in within a few days. For this model, it's been a week and they are still causing pain and leaving a red mark on the top of my foot at the base of the tongue. This is not what a "comfort" shoe is supposed to do. Would not recommend this shoe if you have a wide foot and need height in the instep. Review is for size 10 4E"

    Jun 6, 2016




    Jun 3, 2016

    Problem with the insert.

    - NH

    "In general I like the look and feel of the shoe but within two weeks the liner inside the shoe was coming apart. I had to buy an aftermarket insert. Not happy"

    Jun 2, 2016

    Much too narrow at the front of the foot

    - Falls Church, VA

    "I have been wearing the previous version of the 928 men's walking shoe for years and have been very pleased with it. But the new "v2" version is much too narrow in the front part of the foot - the area surrounding the cuneiform bone. It was painful to try to wear it. Had to return the product."

    Jun 2, 2016

    Not comfortable, nothing like original MW928BK

    - Fredericksburg, VA 22406, USA

    "I have worn MW928BK for years. They were the most comfortable shoes for working and being on your feet all day. I received the replacement model MW982BK2 and I am very disappointed. First of all they do not look as good as the original and they are the most uncomfortable shoe I have worn in years."

    Jun 1, 2016

    please bring back the original 928.

    - Delaware, USA

    "please bring back the original 928. 928v2 is very uncomfortable."

    Jun 1, 2016

    support !!!!

    - Illinois, USA

    "awesome,the best n b shoe ive had,will buy another pair"

    May 27, 2016

    Quality product and excellent comfort

    - 04556

    "lives up to the New Balance tradition of the best thanks"

    May 25, 2016

    To narrow

    - Grants Pass

    "I wear all NB shoes because I am an amputee with s wide foot. This shoe is to narrow. I can't wear it with it hurting my foot. Have had it to long to return. Do if you count on the 6D to fit like other NB shoes do not order this one. I was disappointed."

    May 23, 2016

    My son has never had a shoe fit him so well.

    - Avon, OH, USA

    "The rep listened to the issue my son has - size 14 B and that he can't find a shoe to fit. This one fits him and gives him really good support."

    May 20, 2016

    Poorly constructed

    - Boston, MA, USA

    "I have had 4 pair of the 928 over the years. Then the v2 arrived !!!!!!!!!! I have flat feet and the area where the arch lays against a now higher stiff pad caused a blister. "If it aint broke, don't fix it"! I guess NB never heard of that before. Time for a new Brand, Not Balance."

    May 20, 2016

    Wonderful shoes!

    - Maryland

    "I have had surgery on both feet and Dr. recommended New Balance 928 for good support and good stability. Dr. was right-these shoes are fashionable and very comfortable while giving me the support I need. Thank you very much, New Balance. Great shoes!"

    May 19, 2016

    Sizes not matching.

    - Minnesota

    "New Balance goofed this shoe up, the sizes are not what they used to be, the shoes are smaller and don't fit. Time to look for another brand. I bought New Balance as they came in different widths and the advertised width matched the shoe. Not on this style."

    May 12, 2016

    The shoe has reduced pain in my foot.

    - McMinnville, OR 97128, USA

    "I've ordered the same shoe in Black and White. My feet feel better, my heals feel better; overall, I have less pain in my joints than when I was wearing other products."

    May 9, 2016

    This product has great features

    - Brooklyn, NY, USA

    "fast delivery, great product , nice website and easy to shop"

    May 5, 2016

    The shoe looked just fine and well built.

    - Radford, VA 24141, USA

    "I bought the widest shoe (6E) because I have a wide foot with a rather high instep. I liked the shoe just fine but it really "hugged" my foot like a loving mother. My best guess is just too much padding."

    May 1, 2016

    Little narrow than b4

    - California, USA

    "I've purchased 928's before they changed to 928v2 and the new one is too narrow even for a 4E wide."

    Apr 30, 2016

    Good sneakers but a little pricey.

    - None of your business

    "Bought sneakers and arch support inserts. The inserts are size 10. I wear size 10-1/2. They shift? But all in all better than Nike?"

    Apr 30, 2016

    Comfort plus

    - Douglas, MI

    "It is very hard to find extra wide shoes in retail stores. Ordering on line is easy and with New Balance the quality is the very best."

    Apr 30, 2016

    They work for me

    - Southern California, CA, USA

    "I have been wearing this shoe, or something close to it ,all day every day for years. I want something plain white that I can wear with everything. There are very few shoes made for big guys. I am 6'-2' tall and my weight varies from 275 to 300 pounds. I have custom orthotic insoles to keep my ankle from rolling. I walk 30 minutes a day (about 1.5 miles) 5 days a week, they last about 6 months. Some people think these shoes are expensive. Your feet and comfort are priceless."

    Apr 30, 2016

    Very different sneaker

    - North Charleston, SC

    "I decided to order this style to replace NB sneakers that I had. NB is the only brand of sneakers I can wear because they come in 6 E and their sneakers were the most comfortable. I was not happy with the fact there is a lot of stitching where the tongue of the show meets the shoe itself. My feet get swollen and press against that seam and is very painful."

    Apr 30, 2016

    Just simply the best shoe

    - Hampton Roads Virginia

    "My Dr. recommended the NB 928 a few years ago. My feet have never been happier. I have the black pair, wear them for work, and look good in slacks. For causal office or out in the field, I easily get 2 or more years of heavy use. Well worth the money. Not a fan of how the coupons work though, as it always seems not to apply to these shoes. I'd probably purchase more if they did."

    Apr 30, 2016

    quality construction

    - Bath, PA

    "I am a 71 year old, 300 pound, male about to have a left knee replaced. I have had leg and feet issues most of my life. I have worn seasonal saddles my entire life and finally have a pair that supports me in a proper manner. Even though it is still cool here this Spring I am in them every day. They are easy on and off and great on uneven surfaces as well, offering maximum support. BEST EVER!"

    Apr 30, 2016

    thr 928s suck

    - Clinton, Missouri

    "The 928s are KLUNKEY and hare to walk smoothly in. The 813s are perfect. Bring back the brown and beige colors along with the black and white and dump the 928s."

    Apr 30, 2016

    Not comfortable like the original model

    - Long Island, NY

    "NB changed the model of the shoe this year and the new version is NOTHING like the original model . I ordered the new version online and they are so narrow. I ordered 4E (same as my original pair). They were so tight I went to the store and tried on a 6E...those were too tight too! Be warned, the new model is NOT like the original."

    Apr 21, 2016

    What happened to the 928GR model?

    - Miami, Goffstown

    "What happened to the gray model. I bought a pair of white ones and do not like the color. Why did you drop the 928GR model. It was around for years and suddenly, gone! Why?"

    Apr 9, 2016

    Okay but not as good as the 925

    - Washington, UT

    "I purchased this shoe as a replacement for a pair of model 925s which I have had since 2006. The 928V2 is supposed to be the equivalent current shoe. My feet tell me it isn't equivalent - not as much cushioning as the 925. The drop dimension seems less also. Other than that the 928V2 is okay, The 925s are still good - my feet have gotten longer so after about a half day of wearing them my toes begin to crowd the end of the shoe. So I change to my new 928s and forge ahead."

    Apr 7, 2016

    My third pair of this new Balance model I still really like them

    - Minnesota, USA

    "Great for my feet. Provides good support and comfort in all applications. Looks good also."

    Apr 3, 2016

    Very favorable.

    - Daleville, Virginia

    "Flawless quality, perfect fit, very comfortable; feel like I'm walking on a cloud. Worthy successor to similar New Balance walking shoes I have enjoyed in the past."

    Apr 3, 2016

    very good shoes

    - Cincinnati, OH, USA

    "This is the 4th pair and third different generation of 928s I've owned. The first ones fit the best, the color wasn't as good but the fit was excellent, on the last generation the fit wasn't quite as good, the main comment would be that they slid off the heel, so that the laces had to be tight to stay tight to the foot, other wise there would be a slight bit of movement between my heel and the shoe. This last version is narrower in the toe, but still has a similar relationship with tightness and heel contact. My first pairs of this family, two generations of styles ago were my favorite, but I'm still happy to have these on my feet."

    Mar 29, 2016

    mixed reviews--

    - missouri

    "I recently ordered a pair of 928v2 for myself as well as my husband. I had worn the original 928's and was so happy with them. They provided great support for my very flat feet and I was able to use my inserts as well. The new version does not have the support that the old style had, but is still much better than most other styles. The new look has made them much more stylish--the original 928's looked pretty 'old lady'. My husband LOVES his 928v2. He has great arches but does have problems with his knees and hips after a day of work, walking on a concrete floor. The cushioning really helps him to feel better at the end of the day."

    Mar 29, 2016

    Nice leather shoe

    - Alexandria, VA, USA

    "Have been wearing this same shoe for 8 years, same size, but this pair makes me right foot hurt. I cannot seem to stretch it out or wear it long enough to make it feel comfortable."

    Mar 25, 2016

    Excellent shoe, great value

    - Minnesota, USA

    "Great fit right out of the box, and did not require any break in at all."

    Mar 22, 2016

    Great Product

    - East Haven, CT

    "I bought a pair of 928's for my oldest son...He needed a pair of BLACK shoes for his job and he has a large foot. 15. Since buying all black shoes in a store is nill, I bought a pair for myself (womens). Upon receiving the shipment my husband was jealous. After a week of wearing both pairs, both my son and I raved about how they felt. He insisted on his own pair. They are awesome and feel great!!! For the whole family!"

    Mar 21, 2016

    Not quite as expected but we fixed it.

    - Portland, OR

    "Actually, these shoes were 1/8" narrower in the toe area than my current pair so I had to take them in to be stretched. They're okay now."

    Mar 18, 2016

    good stuff

    - keyport nj

    "i have been wearing the 928s for about 4 or 5 years now and they are wonderful. only set back are the laces, they do not stay tied and ave to be double knotted. if you are not careful and just slip them on you will ruin the fam padding at the top of the heel, but i overlook that for the overall comfort of the shoe."

    Mar 17, 2016

    The shoes hurt my feet

    - Ohio, USA

    "I don't understand why. I have a pair of the exact same shoes that I bought from the store in my area and they were fine. I still have them. I noticed the new ones don't have 'air vents' around the front and side. They are wider so I wanted to put the pressure relief insert inside. They wouldn't fit and really made the shoes seem smaller. The old pair are 4E and the inserts fit fine. So, I just don't get it unless this is another version and I chose the wrong one. I love the old pair. Same model, 4E."

    Mar 16, 2016

    Great style

    - Linthicum Heights, MD, USA

    "I use them for work as i am on my feet most of the day and they have always been a very comfortable shoe"

    Mar 16, 2016

    Great shoes

    - Olathe, KS, USA

    "They took a little more time to "break in" than my first pair. However, once I got used to them, the shoes are very comfortable. I should mention that I had worn my prior pair almost every day for 2 years."

    Mar 8, 2016

    The new and unimproved 928

    - Los Angeles

    "Okay, so New Balance makes the best shoe for older folk who need wider sizes and deeper toe boxes and insteps, to handle orthotics. It's the only shoe from any manufacture that did this correctly. We have been buying THIS model series (925, 926, 928) because they fit comfortably. They DID, is the key phrase. Then New Balance came up with something called MW928v2. This is NOT the same shoe. This is narrower, not as deep, and plain doesn't do what this model is supposed to And if you're already wearing a're now out of luck. There's now no longer a shoe you'll be comfortable with. No one EVER purchased a 928 because they look good. They don't. Hey NB...v2 doesn't look good either. And now they don't fit. Way to go. This is New Balance. The FIT must be most important, not the look. There's going to be a lot of older folks with sore feet because of this change."

    Mar 7, 2016

    Great style and comfort.

    - San Clemente, CA

    "The shoes have a good mixture of leather and mesh. The color is a brilliant brown, not gaudy, but stylish. Fit is true and very comfortable especially the cushioning of the sole."

    Feb 29, 2016


    - TEXAS


    Feb 29, 2016

    Satisfied in Oneida

    - Oneida, NY

    "The fit is good and the shoe is very comfortable. I am a little disappointed in the color and style compared to the picture. I would recommend the product and will certainly consider another purchase."

    Feb 24, 2016


    - Pittsburgh, PA, USA


    Feb 21, 2016

    Sixth Pair - Highly Recommended

    - Annapolis, MD, USA

    "My sixth pair of NB 928's just arrived. I have worn these shoes for walking everywhere for years. NB changed the construction some, but the fit still works for me. I also have a pair of Match Mephisto, but do not like the fit as well at the NB 928."

    Feb 18, 2016

    nice looking shoe

    - Henderson, NV, USA

    "Really comfortable and not as bulky as 928. Little narrower thru toe area so not as roomy for orthodics but overall great shoe."

    Feb 18, 2016

    Good to very good

    - Michigan and some other areas, but mostly Michigan

    "Worn this brand for many, many years and have no complaints."

    Feb 14, 2016

    OK, but changed from original design.

    - Annapolis, Maryland

    "I bought brown 928v2 to replace a 3 year old pair of the original. At age 74 with gouty joints, NB 928 have been a good solution for walking 4.5 blocks from bus stop to work and for other general exercise and sight-seeing walking. The wide toe-box is a plus in my case. For my original 928's I went a half size larger than my foot measurement to accommodate occasional foot swelling. The lacing system permitted tightening excess space. The leather shoes loosened. I considered going back to size 10.5 for the new version. A review by another buyer stated that the shoes run narrower in the body. I stuck with ordering 11 instead of 10.5. I found that the construction has changed - narrower from behind the toe joints to the heel. I almost sent them back, but NB allows return within 30 days, so I wore the new shoes in my house for a week. I found that the shoes began to adjust to my feet. The two snug spots relaxed. I have since worn the new 928v2s comfortably for work and exercise walking. Today, I have ordered a second pair - black."

    Feb 11, 2016

    The Leather 928v2 in brown looks great and is very comfortable.

    - Urbana, IL

    "I recommend the 928v2 to anyone -- especially to people who have had pain in their heels."

    Feb 8, 2016

    These shoes provide all day comfort essential for meeting the demand of my physical therapy training.

    - Mississippi, USA

    "As part of Physical Therapy to heal an injured back my Dr recommended a dedicated waking shoe meant for all day use. In previous experiences, New Balance quality has been second to none with their running shoes so it was natural for me to look to them for a walking shoe. These shoes provide day long comfort and are instrumental in alleviating end of day fatigue in my feet and legs."

    Feb 8, 2016

    Very good shoe

    - Trevose,Pa.

    "But had to send back to you on Feb.2,2016 He wanted an other style.You received them on Feb.5,2016 from UPS!!!!!!!!! Thank You."

    Feb 5, 2016

    I prefer the original 928.

    - Albuquerque, NM, USA

    "It's is a decent shoe, but the toe box was larger on the 928 (v1) and I won't be buying the v2 again."

    Feb 3, 2016

    The stitching in the tongue of the shoe was flawed.

    - Unsure what this means

    "The stitching in the tongue of the shoe was flawed rubbing against the top and side of my feet. I could not wear them and returned the shoes."

    Jan 28, 2016

    Great shoe for those with wide feet, need large toe bed, and need support.

    - Vero Beach, FL, USA

    "Have tried many shoes to find a wide toe bed and give me the support and cushion I need. I have now been wearing the 928 series for 10 years. Last year when I went to buy they did not offer the leather in white. I was delighted when I went to buy in 2016 the 9282v was in leather. Already wearing it and same qualities of previous versions. I buy two pairs and switch them out between walks."