Leather 928v2

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Stable and steady wins the race. The New Balance 928 women’s walking shoe features motion control and ROLLBAR® stability technologies and ABZORB® cushioning for comfort from morning till midnight.

Leather 928v2

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Leather 928v2

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Product Details
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Developed for all-day comfort, the New Balance 928 women’s walking shoe offers industry-leading motion control and superior stability thanks to our ROLLBAR® and Walking Strike Path technologies. Add to that ABZORB® midfoot cushioning, a seamless Phantom Liner and an odor-resistant treatment and you've got a shoe that can take you from 9 to 5 to whenever.
  • 13 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 13 mm drop are approximate
  • Comfort collar foam
  • Comfort tongue
  • Compression EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam midsole for cushioning
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement
  • Styles WW928HW2, WW928GR2, WW928BK2 and WW928WB2 are approved Medicare/HCPCS code = A5500, and may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.
  • Technology
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    Rubber compound for maximum durability used in high wear areas.

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    A posting system designed to reduce rear-foot movement.

    Outsole feature that helps stabilize and guides the foot through the walking gait cycle.

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    65 Reviews

    58% of reviewers recommend this product

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    Jan 11, 2017

    Happy Feet!

    - North Haven CT

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I bought these shoes since I am on my feet all day at work - I was starting to have pain in one of my hips - for me - that is a sign that I need new shoes - I have to say that these are the best ones I have bought! So comfortable - and lots of support! Would highly recommend them for anyone who is on their feet all day!!"

    Nov 25, 2016

    Awesome Walking Shoe

    - MD

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I really like these shoes. I walk on concrete floors for work and the rollbar technology is especially helpful for walking in comfort. I feel a 1/2 size larger would be even better, but I will know better when I order them again, which I definitely will."

    Nov 12, 2016

    not satified

    - honesdale,Pa.

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have been buying NB shoes for 20 years,because I have foot problems. I need the sl2 variety. The last two pairs before this one (928) were fine, but this pair is definitely unsatisfactory. This pair is version 2 . I would suggest you go back to version 1. Another bad point is the difficulty tightening the laces without grommets in the lace holes. They do not slide easily. Years ago I had, I believe the number was 652. Very comfortable. I don't think you make them anymore. Ialso had a pair of winter boots that were ankle high and soft sides. They were wonderful for me as I live in the country and am outside a lot in the winter. They were good grippers. Last winter I went to the NB store in Montage, Pa to buy a new pair. Lo and behold, you don't make them anymore either! What am I to do?"

    Nov 6, 2016

    Great shoe!

    - Reading, PA

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Been wearing these for a long time. Very comfortable, wears well and takes orthopaedic inserts."

    Nov 4, 2016

    Comfort and Relief

    - Radenton, FL

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I purchased these shoes after having food problems. The wider toe box was exactly what I needed. They are extremely comfortable! I am able to get back to my walking and other activities. Love these shoes so much bought a second pair!"

    Oct 31, 2016

    What happened to the 928?

    - Illinois

    "I was so disappointed when my new 928's arrived. I didn't realize that adding v2 to the number meant they are no longer all leather. There is netting on certain parts of the shoe. The wonderful ankle support of the 928 is gone. The back of the ankle is cut much lower than the previous 928's. I'm pretty certain that means the shoe with slip on my narrow heel. The rest of the shoe fits and I didn't sent them back because I needed them and I don't have time to find another narrow shoe that will work. Unfortunately, I have no place locally that I can try them on. I hope that New Balance goes back to the old style."

    Oct 26, 2016

    Very Disappointing

    - Surrey BC, Canada

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I am so disappointed with 928 version 2! I have problems with my feet and have worn 925, 926, 927, and version 1 of 928s very successfully but cannot find a comfortable size in the new version of 928. Why tamper with a successful product? Right now I have no comfortable shoes to wear! My son who has worn several in this series also has to return the new version as they are too small for him. So disappointed in your changes!"

    Oct 23, 2016

    Great shoe

    - Palm Harbor, FL

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I worked via email with the New Balance staff to find a shoe that would replace the version I purchased 12 months ago. This was the one that was recommended, and I agree with the recommendation so far. I've only had the shoes for about 2 weeks. They felt comfortable from the very first step. I recommend that you give this great shoe a try if you are looking for a very comfortable walking shoe."

    Oct 20, 2016

    I Always Buy NB

    - Carthage MO

    "I really like these walking shoes. I've been buying NB walking shoes for years. They are very comfortable, and provide excellent support and comfort."

    Oct 17, 2016

    Just Right

    - Northern Virginia

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Bought these for my 80 year old mother, to supplement the white pair she owns, which were the "old" model. She says that, after adjusting the laces, they feel exactly like the others. With arthritic knees and a bad case pf pronation- which led to a nasty fall that resulted in an extended hospital stay earlier this year- comfort and stability are hypercritical. She's very pleased with both pairs, sees no difference between the two versions of the 928."

    Oct 16, 2016


    - Akron

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I've been wearing these shoes for awhile now. I have all kinds of foot issues and my doctor told me these were the best!! He was right. I will never wear anything else!! I do replace them yearly."

    Sep 22, 2016


    - North Carolina

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I was very disappointed with the new revise sneaker I'm a postal worker so I need that comfort because I walk everyday I really wish that they would being back the old style with that style the comfort was there and I could walk all day in that style now it's hard to find that type shoe and I've been buying the old style for a long time please bring back the old style"

    Sep 22, 2016


    - Oregon

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have worn the 900 series for years. At a size 8.5 2E I have always been able to wear these shoes right out of the box. When I opened the box the shoes looked narrower than before. Even after I loosened the laces the shoes were too tight across the top and in the toes. For the first time ever I am disappointed with New Balance. Back they go!"

    Sep 18, 2016

    Perfect fit & great support

    - Michigan

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have worn some version of this walking shoe for years. I have tried less expensive shoes and always returned to NB (lesson finally learned!). I'm on my feet 16 hours a day on concrete and have very wide feet. These shoes provide the fit, support and comfort I need to get through the day."

    Sep 16, 2016

    Much improved shoes

    - Los Olivos, CA

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I purchased New balance shoes exclusively for many years, and they shoes were always supportive and well made. Suddenly, changes were made a few years ago, like adding metal gromets to the eyeholes, and the shoes just seemed to not last very long anymore in the support dept. I spent the last couple of years searching for a good replacement, with no success. So, I finally came back and discovered my fav updated version of a proper walking shoe, exactly as it should be. No more gromets to turn your shoelaces and socks black, comfy and supportive right out of the box, and they feel much more though they will last for a while this time. Plus, the interior of the shoe, where it touches the back of your ankle, and the top of the shoe tongue, are not white....which means less discoloration over time shoe is worn. New Balance is the only shoe company that offers wide sizes in almost every shoe. A must for many of us. I am happy to be wearing my actual shoe size again, without long toes, that bend up and look silly after a while."

    Sep 13, 2016

    New version not as good

    - Clearwater, FL

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I've been purchasing this shoe several times a year for many tears (and the version that this one replaced prior to that.) When I would try a brand new pair on, it would feel like I was on a cloud. The new version seemed like someone had worn it down for years. They replaced parts that were leather with foam fabric. Very disappointed."

    Sep 10, 2016


    - Sequim, WA

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "This is the best walking shoe. It is the only walking shoe I will buy. I cannot understand the negative reviews, This has to be the most comfortable shoe for anyone with foot issues or pain. I have continual joint pain that includes virtually every bone in my feet. I get to walk in these. You have no idea how awesome that is. The shoe lasts me about 3 years as I use them every time I go out the door. About to order a new pair. They move down the line from best, to daily, to barn work. Havent thrown one away yet!"

    Sep 9, 2016


    - Westworth Village, TX

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Shoes seem to be correct length and width; however, the ops of my feet are irritated as if the space allowed for the tops of my feet is not sufficient."

    Aug 26, 2016

    This shoe keeps me walking

    - Reno, nv

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Used to wear the 600, but podiatrist recommended this and I have not seen him since I started wearing them"

    Aug 25, 2016

    Toe box too narrow

    - Little Rock

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have been purchasing this shoe in all colors for awhile and have bought many pairs, but New Balance so called improvements to this shoe has made this too narrow in the toe box, not a solid stable shoe like it was. If you are diabetic pleas take into consideration that this shoe now fits smaller possible causing rubbing of toe area. New Balance please return this shoe back like it was!"

    Aug 19, 2016

    Don't fit my feet the same way older models did

    - West Virginia

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I ordered this more expensive model hoping for good fit, good support, and a longer-lasting shoe. Compared to the 811s, 812s, and 813s , all in the identical size, the fit seems shorter and narrower. I thought that being full-grain leather, they might "relax" with a few wearings and conform more to my foot ("break in") but so far, I am not finding them to feel any better. They are wearable but I'm not yet to the point where I wear them on any long walk because I'm not sure that they won't rub and cause sore spots or blisters. I have always been able to wear the older models right out of the box without having to break them in. I am disappointed and now think I should have simply sent them back either for another size up or a refund. I am sure that if someone gets their correct sizing, they would find these shoes to be very nice. My husband has a pair and his fit just fine."

    Aug 11, 2016

    Relief for Aching Feet

    - Massachusetts

    "New Balance shoe number 928v2 is one of the few shoes I can wear because of the deformities of my feet. My left foot is totally lacking an arch, and the toes on both feet are crooked and twisted. I wear my 928s everyday and everywhere, and have as much comfort from them as I can expect from any shoe. I also like the fact that the "last" doesn't change. I order the same shoe, size and width every time, and am never disappointed. I am 76 years old so I am not looking for an exercise shoe - just comfort. And with the 928v2, I get it."

    Aug 11, 2016

    Nice shoe

    - Clymer, NY

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "The shoes git okay. I have a problem with the shoe hurting the top of my foot. I tried to adjust the laces but I still have pain. It might just be how my foot is put together. Other than that, they fit very well. Another thought about the pain..I have inserts that were fitted for my old 928 shoe. They may raise the foot up in the shoe so it rubs against the tongue and lace. So if you have an orthotic, this may be an issue.. I am not sure if this shoe is exactly the same as the 928 I had previously but it does seem like something is a bit different."

    Aug 9, 2016

    Not the same shoe

    - Illinois

    "While this new version of the 928 will have to do, it is not the 928 both my husband and I love. We buy this shoe because of the SL-2 last and the wider, deeper toe box. The toe box on this shoe is not as wide or as deep. We have health issues (his quite serious) that demands a shoe like this. Please bring back the 928 before the changes. Why improve something that was perfect the way it was???"

    Aug 8, 2016

    Not a good replacement for 920

    - Albany, NY

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have worn the leather Women's 927 for years and years. I struggle to find shoes that fit being size 8.5 2E but NB always fit well, giving the support I need for walking and gym training. However, the 927 has been discontinued. New Balance rep recommended this 928WB2 as the replacement. For the first time ever a NB shoe in size 8.5 2E did not fit--it was way to narrow. Don't know if the shoes were defective, or if NB cut down on their materials, but had to send them back. Not only disappointed, but now what do I do?"

    Aug 4, 2016

    Shoes didn't fit

    - Pemberton, NJ

    "They didn't fit and I had to send them back. I was really sorry they didn't fit."

    Jul 18, 2016

    Most Comfortable I've Found

    - Indiana

    "I am on my feet all day on concrete. The support and cushion in this shoe has been a lifesaver for me. At the end of the day my feet don't hurt and the rest of me isn't so tired from ill-fitting shoes. Finally I have a pair that aren't so wide my feet swim around in them. They have a snug fit, but not too tight. As far as appearance, I'll admit they are a little "old" looking, but I probably won't be wearing them out to dinner. And if I do, I'll be comfortable!"

    Jun 24, 2016

    Uncomfortable and too narrow for an extra wide shoe

    - Longview, wa

    "I had previously purchased the 928 because it comes in extra wide and has ample room in the toe box. I could not find the 928 so tried this replacement. Although I purchased the same size, the toe box is tapered rather than the box shape that was in the 928 and the fit is narrower. After attempting to wear these for my normal 3 mile daily walk, I found them too uncomfortable. I wish you would go back to the shape and width in the regular 928."

    Jun 24, 2016

    Toe box shrinks more each year

    - Boston

    "I need a walking shoe that is supportive on the bottom and soft around my foot on top. The 928 mostly does this except I have a wide toe box - the wide 928 used to fit perfectly in the front with a nice wide gently rounded front. However, each new pair I buy has less toe room, and this years especially is squeezing my toes and aggravating my metatarsalgia and mortons neuroma. Also, there is plenty of support in the heel and midfoot but much less in the forefoot - also aggravating the conditions I was hoping that a shoe like this could help. I can only wear this new pair and try to stretch the toe are as much as I can until I find another shoe. If the shoe still had toe room! I could add cushioning but I don't even have room for my toes. Also, the soles wear out in less than half a year, which I dint understand on a shoe designed for walking many miles."

    Jun 22, 2016

    Sole seems thin compared to previous style

    - PA

    "Have worn NB 920 series for probably 10 years. The 928v2 does not have the comfort of all the rest. Will not be ordering any more of this one."

    Jun 19, 2016


    - Springfield. MO

    "I wear these shoes at work where leather shoes are required. I wear them 12 hours a day six days a week. Looks like they will take a lot wear before needing to be replaced. Would definitely buy again."

    Jun 8, 2016

    928 has changed a bit.

    - Red Wing

    "I have worn 928 and its earlier style shoe for 10 years because of the wide last which gives added ankle support.. This newest model is slightly narrower."

    Jun 1, 2016

    The features of the product are exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, sizing runs small, and a half-size larger is not an option/available..

    - Washington, USA

    "The features of the product are exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, sizing runs small, and a half-size larger is not an option/available. I had to return the shoe."

    Jun 1, 2016

    Not the same quality shoe as the 928

    - Milwaukee, WI, USA

    "I have worn the NB928 10.5 2E for at least 6 years. I buy 3 pair a year and I have custom orthotics. Its has been the only shoe I have been comfortable in. I wear them everywhere. This new 928v2 leather shoe is made with very thin leather, the fit is completely different, it pinches at the toes and feels too long. It is not as supportive as the old version. Even though they are leather they still have mesh. I wear white and I can see this getting dirty and hard to clean. I was so disappointed I sent them back and am looking for a new shoe."

    May 31, 2016

    Why mess with something that was just fine???

    - Watertown, WI

    "The last 5+ years I have bought the same New Balance shoe from the shoe store. I walk in, they pull up my account, pull out my shoe, I pay for it and leave. This time, I had to order the shoe. It arrived the day before my vacation. The shoe didn't fit. Why mess with something that worked just fine! The shoe is smaller around the toe area, feels like its cutting my foot in half. It was the worst experience I ever had with a shoe. I took it back to the store and had to wear my old shoes on vacation. I won't be buying that shoe again and don't recommend it to anyone else!"

    May 31, 2016

    This new version does not have the support as the previous one did; the leather is too soft.

    - Cheboygan, MI 49721, USA

    "I have used this product for years as I wear orthotics. This version uses soft leather and offers no support."

    May 22, 2016

    Very unhappy

    - Tampa, FL

    "I have worn the 928's for more than 25 years. I never had to try them on...walked into the store, ordered my shoes and walked out. I appreciate the new light blue color on the collar and tongue; however, I do not understand why when making cosmetic changes you were compelled to narrow the shoe and make the toe box smaller. I have diabetes and arthritis, and the reason I love this shoe is because it does not hurt my toes. I normally wear a 9 1/2 D; I purchased a 9 1/2 EE, and I am going to return them. My toes are uncomfortable just sitting in my living room, and the width across my foot is too narrow. PLEASE, PLEASE remake these the way they were. You made a mistake, New Balance. Please correct it."

    May 20, 2016

    Shoe Is Very Narrow

    - Alexandria, VA, USA

    "Ordered wide width and it still was too narrow. Also was a bit short in length. Had to return it."

    May 19, 2016

    Not as wide as 928

    - Columbus, OH

    "I bought the 928V2 because they said it was for overweight people. I have orthotics that I have to wear. The 928 was deeper in the toe section than the 928V2. With the V2 and my orthotics, when I walk the middle of the shoe hits the middle top of my foot and causes me pain. In the 928, there is some room and I can wear my orthotics comfortably and walk all day in them. I am going to buy another pair of the regular 928s and store the 928v2 in my closet."

    May 19, 2016

    Great shoes! But .......

    - Washington, DC

    "These shoes are great. But I noticed that the toe box is smaller than the 925s. Why is that?"

    May 19, 2016

    The change made in the cut/shape of the shoe doesn't work for me.

    - Sheldon, IA 51201, USA

    "I have worn this shoe for years. I have been so thankful for the deep toe box and wide toe has been perfect for me. I wear orthotics and this shoe has been a godsend. But your style/fit change has changed my love affair for this shoe! The narrower fit just doesn't work for me. It actually causes me pain when I wear it. I have no idea where to look for another shoe. I would like to exchange my new shoe for last year's version if you have any left. Thank You!"

    May 11, 2016

    The shoes are comfortable and good looking enough for our performances.

    - Amarillo, TX, USA

    "I purchased the black leather shoes because there are a couple of groups to which I belong that require black outfits. Both require that we stand during a performance. I wanted to wear New Balance shoes because they were comfortable and would give me support. I am quite pleased with my black New Balance shoes."

    May 10, 2016

    The new design is very uncomfotable. They slide off my heals and pull my socks down.

    - Benson, MN 56215, USA

    "I will not buy these again until they redesign them back to the way they used to be designed. They USE to be AWSOME before they redesigned them."

    May 10, 2016

    Streamlined = Cheapened. SEVERAL mfg steps have been eliminated.

    - Tucson, AZ, USA

    "I have previously purchased 3 pairs. I just bought 2 more. Great disappointment. The toe bed is smaller because the side pieces that allow the bed to rise straight up have been eliminated. The assembly of pieces has been cheapened causing puckering. Plus, end pieces are not finished. The leather is also a poorer quality. Bottom line: cheaper product, higher price, greater profit until brand popularity goes down."

    May 2, 2016

    Great Shoes

    - Tampa, FL, USA

    "These shoes are perfect for being on your feet all day. They are comfortable. I was happy to find white leather walking shoes."

    May 2, 2016

    Not as cushioney as the 928.

    - Southwest Township, IL, USA

    "My feet and legs tired much more quickly than with the 928"

    May 1, 2016

    The Only Shoe for this Active Senior

    - Gladstone, MO

    "I am 61, have plantar fasciitis, and am very active. This is the ONLY shoe I have found that I can wear consistently and comfortably. It is sturdy, resilient, and gives more than adequate support. The value is incredible for the price. I will wear these 14-16 hours daily for 8 months or more, and then will order another pair!"

    Apr 30, 2016

    I have worn the 928 walking shoes for years.

    - South Range, WI 54874, USA

    "The new version are made cheaper, narrower, and do not have the support of the original 982. I'll be looking for a better walking shoe."

    Apr 30, 2016

    New Balance makes the most durable, comfortable shoe

    - Inverness, FL, USA

    "I have foot problems do to diabetes. Since medicare won't pay my podiatrist for the shoes, I bought them myself. I can't find another shoe that is as comfortable."

    Apr 14, 2016

    The toe box could be wider

    - Ossining, NY

    "The shoes felt comfortable walking around the house however now that I wearing them more on vacation the toe box could be wider. I hope the stretch a little. Other then that issue I like the shoes."

    Apr 7, 2016

    Great Shoe

    - Olathe, Kansas

    "If you want a good solid walking and workout shoe this is it. Good fit and very comfortable. This is my 4th pair"

    Mar 29, 2016

    a good shoe for me

    - Colton, WA, USA

    "I have had 3 pair of the anti-pronate shoes now. I can't tell you how much it pleases me to have shoes that will last for me for more than a few months"

    Mar 25, 2016

    An excellent shoe for walking

    - Missouri

    "This shoe is well made with excellent support for walking. The fit is true to size and comes in a variety of sizes to fit most feet."

    Mar 20, 2016


    - Texas

    "Perfect fit. Comfortable to wear all day even when worn the first time."

    Mar 19, 2016

    great shoes

    - Atlanta, GA, USA

    "Shoes are very comfortable and nice looking. I walked several miles a day in them over a two week vacation."

    Mar 16, 2016


    - Columbus, OH, USA

    "These shoes are not comfortable for me. I think they must run small, as they pinch on the sides (something other New Balance shoes I have in the same size do not). I was really looking forward to having these for long walks and I was quite disappointed. I've never spent so much money on a walking shoe before, and probably won't again after this experience."

    Mar 15, 2016

    extremely disappointed in the fit

    - New York, NY, USA

    "Although I went to the New Balance store in NYC, I ended up with a second pair of shoes that I can't wear. This is not the fault of NB: I am hard to fit, and it took me a while to break them in enough to determine that they would not help me."

    Mar 9, 2016

    The wonderful features of this shoe.

    - Alabama, USA

    "I love these shoes. It's like "walking on air." Very, very comfortable."

    Mar 8, 2016

    Disappointed in the 928v2

    - southwest Ohio, USA

    "Needed to replace a pair of 928's but all that was available was the 928v2 so that's what I purchased. I'm very disappointed in this new model. The support is not what was in the original 928 and this one is narrower than the original 928. So sad that this is the case because the 928 was a sturdy and strong walking shoe."

    Mar 5, 2016

    Best thing that has happened to my feet!

    - Cedar Park, TX, USA

    "I have bad feet and have worn NB 926,927,928 and now NB 928V2. The only shoe that cars for my feet."

    Feb 29, 2016

    Great shoe.

    - Hayward, CA, USA

    "This is my second pair. First pair from 2011 still being used. Fits well, comfortable and doesn't need breaking in. So glad shoe is as good as the first pair."

    Feb 19, 2016

    the shoe fits to a t, I was afraid to order on line but , I put exatley what I needed and they came thur

    - Campbell County, KY, USA

    "I love the shoe, will bye again. When I asked or stated what I needed you came Thur,"

    Jan 27, 2016

    Very comfortable

    - Orient, OH 43146, USA

    "Love this shoe. Great feel, stability and comfort."

    Jan 26, 2016

    Especially excellent for high arches, neuropathy symptoms

    - Chattanooga, TN, USA

    "I will order this shoe again because they are wide enough to allow my orthotic and has relieved my foot pain well. I have wasted a lot of money on shoes in the past. These are well worth the money paid for them."

    Jan 25, 2016


    - NYC

    "Weird, shallow and narrow toe box, tapers towards the toe too soon. Also severely over corrects overpronation isn't that bad . I miss the days of the high and deep and wide new balance toe boxes."