NB Studio Skin

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Turn, leap, stretch and move with greater confidence. Perfect for studio classes, our women’s Studio Skin has the support, cushioning and traction that will make it your new go-to for barre class, dance, Pilates and everything in between.

Sizing: XS = 5-6.5, S = 7-7.5, M = 8-8.5, L = 9-9.5, XL = 10+
This style runs small. We suggest ordering a 1/2 size up.

NB Studio Skin

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NB Studio Skin

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Find a renewed sense of purpose
in versatile studio layers.

Product Details
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NB Fresh treatment on the material helps resist odors while FantomTape technology provides support in all the right places. At the gym, or in the dance studio, the women’s New Balance Studio Skin dance shoe allows your inner dancer to let loose.
  • Extra cushioning on the ball of the foot, arch and in every step with a silicon bottom for traction
  • Fantom Tape provides lightweight strategic support that's made with stretch material for a tailored fit and the comfort to help you move freely
  • NB Fresh technology treatment resists odors
  • Open heel construction keeps you grounded


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July 05, 2017
Overall Fit Runs Small
Fun for Pole
July 05, 2017
Overall Fit Runs Small
When I first saw these I wanted to try them with my pole exercise. They work really well. I feel like my feet sweat a little bit but it doesn't bother me much and the tops don't really have any stick so I do need to take them off for some moves. As a whole I love wearing these during pole, I think they're super cute and the padding is nice to have.
Tyler, TX
June 23, 2017
Excellent Fit
bennb1Tyler, TX
June 23, 2017
This is the solution I've been looking for - a perfect fit with the right amount of stretch gives me total control without concern over hurting my feet or losing my balance. It feels like wearing nothing on your feet. I also like that I can slip my flats on over them to save time to and from the studio. They need to make these in more fabulous colors immediately!
TUcker, GA
June 19, 2017
SarahTUcker, GA
June 19, 2017
My feet sweat A LOT when I work out. These allow me to grip the pilates machine, even when my feet are sweaty. I could not believe doing my workout without them!
Mount Prospect, IL
June 05, 2017
does the job
kazMount Prospect, IL
June 05, 2017
Wore these for Pilates and will wear them for yoga. Using them as a "flip flop" to keep my feet safe and other's feet safe where a lot of bare feet are allowed!
June 05, 2017
Great for barre
June 05, 2017
Like how the studio skins grip the floor & keep my feet from sliding. Size is a little tough, L is too small XL is a little too big.
New York
June 05, 2017
Fantastic product,
RunPilatesNYCNew York
June 05, 2017
Great for pilates, barre, and yoga. This product provides great arch support, grip, and is breathable due to the exposed heel (great if you get super sweaty like me during workouts). I've tried several grippy socks and wanted to stay away from the typical Nike wraps.. Those don't compare. I would buy these in pink as a back up (I have black) because it's such a high quality product. Easy to wash and dry too. Great job, NB!
Spring House PA
February 13, 2017
Great "Must Have" item
MaryAnnSpring House PA
February 13, 2017
Love these for barre class, A must have! You will lover the way they feel and grip the floor!
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Texas, USA
February 08, 2017
I love these shoes!!!
February 08, 2017
I bought these to wear working out in a gym with a padded floor and we cannot wear outside shoes, I LOVE them! they provide the extra padding, grip and support, plus they are super cute!!!!
Courtney Wheeler
Baltimore, MD, USA
February 08, 2017
Great Studio Shoes for Barre or Yoga
Courtney WheelerBaltimore, MD, USA
February 08, 2017
I purchased these after seeing them posted on Pinterest. I teach barre fitness classes and these are the perfect studio shoe to wear at the barre. They cushion in the right places and grip the floor where you need them to. I am very pleased!
Deidre Smith
Hickory Corners, MI 49060, USA
February 08, 2017
A great addition to my cadre of workout footware!
Deidre SmithHickory Corners, MI 49060, USA
February 08, 2017
I am a Pilates instructor and used the NB Studio Skins in both a mat and a reformer class . Besides getting a lot of attention , they were useful in both. In the Mat class they gave me grip to help a pose and on the Reformer the padded ball of the foot was so much more comfortable on the foot bar! I would recommend them to all of my students!
Showing 1 - 10 of 13 Reviews
Overall Fit
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