New Balance 1540v2

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For some runners, it’s not distance or endurance that they’re working towards, it’s simply a desire to get their feet moving in the right direction: forward. If that describes you, the New Balance 1540v2 women’s motion control running shoe might be just what you need. Designed with stability features for overpronation, the 1540v2 helps guide your foot forward so you can stay focused on your run.

New Balance 1540v2

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New Balance 1540v2

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Product Details
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For some runners, it’s not distance or endurance that they’re working towards, it’s simply a desire to get their feet moving in the right direction: forward. If that describes you, the New Balance 1540v2 women’s motion control running shoe might be just what you need. Designed with stability features for overpronation, the 1540v2 helps guide your foot forward so you can stay focused on your run.
  • 10 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 10 mm drop are approximate
  • Blown rubber outsole
  • Dual density collar foam
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement
  • No-sew material application
  • Polyurethane insert
  • Synthetic/mesh upper
  • We are proud to be the only major company to make or assemble more than 4 million pairs of athletic footwear per year in the USA, which represents a limited portion of our US sales. Where the domestic value is at least 70%, we label our shoes Made in the USA.
  • Styles W1540SG2 and W1540WB2 are approved Medicare/HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.
  • Technology
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    ACTEVA™ LITE 24% lighter than New Balance's standard compression molded foam for optimal compression set properties.

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    A core of soft cushioning EVA in the midsole with a tough polyurethane rim for more support and durability.

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    A posting system designed to reduce rear-foot movement.

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    45 Reviews

    71% of reviewers recommend this product

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    Comfort 4 of 5


    Oct 20, 2016

    Best yet, except for color

    - Raleigh area NC

    MyNB Gold Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I bought this shoe because the New Balance shoe I used to wear was redesigned and no longer fit my foot. I need a motion control SL-2 shoe. This was the only one I'd not tried. It was $20 more than my previous shoe. It fit perfectly and feels better than my old shoe. It is great for walking even though it is a running shoe. The support and motion control is excellent. I wear it all the time. My only complaint is that it doesn't come in a neutral color such as all white, tan, navy or black as I need a shoe like this to wear for all events because of problems with my ankle and feet. If you change this shoe I will not have a shoe I can buy from you that meets my fit needs."

    Oct 19, 2016

    Bring back 587's - please, please, please, please

    - Pasadena, CA

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have been wearing NB 587's for over 15 years. NB 587's fit the moment I put them on, but now NB has discontinued the 587's. A perfect shoe lost for no good reason. This replacement is pretty, colors are nice -BUT- the fit is gone. Bring back 587's. I will continue to troll the internet looking for NB587's 8D Women's hoping the NB powers that be will realize their mistake & bring back NB587's for Women. I cannot in good conscience recommend NB's idea of a replacement shoe."

    Oct 16, 2016

    good sold shoe

    - columbus Ohio

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have had these for 5 weeks now.. I wear a 4e and have to have a rollbar.. I work on cement floors 10+ hours a day and with a bad back and so on I have to have the right shoe. I have been wearing B shoes for 13 years now and the last few have been a struggle to find a quality shoe in my size with the rollbar from NB a few pairs only lasted about 8 weeks and at these prices thats nuts.. I think this shoe will finally fix the problem! Thank u NB I had almost given up hope!"

    Oct 15, 2016

    I hate shoe shopping

    - Chicago,Illinois

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I have always had wide feet. I went from store to store asking if they had any 9.5 4E shoes and the answer was generally no. Thank you New Balance for having shoes that fit me. Thank you for having one pair that is not just black or white. I have given up on stylish shoes, I just want ones that fit. I will continue to buy NB for the rest of my life."

    Oct 4, 2016

    decent support and great width (need more colors!)

    - New York, NY

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I always knew my feet were wide but I only realized a few years ago that I really should have been wearing a 7 2E. Prior to that, I had worn 8.5/9 regular width, depending on how narrow the shoe was. I also have flat arches, and these shoes provide decent support. I walk a lot because I live in NY. I really wish you guys would make these shoes in black. Although you have the postal shoe and another style in black, they don't give enough support and don't fit me as well. I would love it if you could even customize as I have bought tons of other shoes from New Balance, but I can't wear the other styles anymore because my feet are actually in more pain. Please make this in more colors! Even if it's just black."

    Sep 18, 2016

    No 587 replacement

    - Silicon Valley, CA

    "I have arthritis in my big toes. For about 10-15 years I have successfully worn 587's for walking. I have traveled all over the world with them. Then this fabulous shoe was discontinued and replaced with this shoe. It is no replacement for a 587. How can a company do this when a shoe is so successful???? I may never be able to wear New Balance again."

    Sep 16, 2016

    For the price I expected better

    - Chicago

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "Next to no cushioning. One time I actually am grateful I wear doctor prescribed orthotics. At the eyelet area one shoe has the ' upper' bending as though cracked. Only purchased these because I need a 4x this shoe one of the few available this size for women."

    Sep 14, 2016

    Less Arch Support Than Expected

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I bought these to replace my 995s and they do NOT have the great arch support I usually get with NBs. My left foot (the worse one) has been having pain on the bone behind the small toe from just walking across campus in these. In fact, it's getting so bad that I might just send these to charity and switch back to my old pair. Unfortunately, I'm a 2E width, so there's only 3 pairs of NB shoes to choose from if you want USA made shoes. PLEASE consider expanding your shoe selection for those of us with wide feet! I shouldn't have to trade GREAT arch support for a bit of extra toe width!"

    Aug 17, 2016


    - Plano, Tx

    MyNB Silver Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "ALways hard for me to find a shoe wide enough for my foot. Just love my new shoes... Stylish, comfortable.."

    Jul 30, 2016

    Love this shoe it helps me make it thru my run (15 years custodial job)

    - Sperry okl 74073

    MyNB Bronze Member

    MyNB members may earn NB points for writing product reviews

    "I am a custodian I've walked up and down the halls and into each and every more times than I can countt i would not make it through my run if not for this shoe"

    Jul 24, 2016

    These sneakers are great

    - LEH, NJ

    "I've worn NB for quite a few years, but I usually got them in a department store. These were purchased from NB store. What a difference. They were worn on my recent trip to Africa and I had no problems with walking and climbing. I have also had recent knee replacement surgery and my NB sneakers are very supportive and were on my trip. We did a lot of walking. I got no blisters and no problems at all with back back or leg pain. I had a great day, everyday. Thank you for a great product. I liked them so much that's why I just purchased this second pair. I will continue to wear NB for sneakers."

    Jul 17, 2016

    Love this shoe

    - Oregon

    "I have very wide feet and love this shoe! It is very comfortable. I wear it all day at work and am on my feet all day. Good cushion and support, but cool wth mesh. I also love the color combo."

    Jul 12, 2016

    To tight

    - Winfield, AL

    "I like the look but they are tight and the shoe strings are to short. I need longer shoe strings because I have to use the back holes so there is not enough to tie a good bow."

    Jul 5, 2016

    Great shoe along with great service

    - Chicago, IL

    "My feet no longer hurt as bad with this shoe i'll recommended great shoe"

    May 26, 2016

    The product has great support and is a good fit.

    - Lake Charles, LA, USA

    "The product has great support and is a good fit. The product is cushion for comfort."

    May 22, 2016

    Space for Orthotics plus Round Toe

    - Southern California

    "The round toe accommodates the shape of my feet. Depth and size of the shoe accommodates my prescription inserts. This shoe enables me to continue one hour "exercise to music" (dance) classes, 5 days per week without foot pain. In youth, I was a Ballet dancer. Now I'm an active 82 yr old with very wide feet due to bunions and osteoarthritis, who can thrive because of my New Balance shoes. Wish I could get this shape/size of shoes in a solid color to wear when I have to dress up. (It looks funny wearing running shoes to a wedding.)"

    May 18, 2016

    Best shoes ever

    - Tn

    "I have bunions and overpronation. These are the most comfortable shies I have ever purchased."

    May 17, 2016

    Very disappointing.

    - New York, NY, USA

    "Loved 1540WP1 and thought this would be the same. But not good support-especially arch support, doesn't grip foot-feels loose, doesn't have the comfort of the previous model. Sadly had to return it. Wish 1540WP1 would come back."

    May 13, 2016

    The sneakers are so comfortable right from the start.

    - Buffalo, NY, USA

    "I love my New Balance sneakers. I have purchased two pairs. One for the gym and one for outdoor activity. It was comfort right from the "breaking in" time needed. Very happy with my purchase."

    May 8, 2016

    comfort = movement

    - Chardon, OH 44024, USA

    "The width, depth and smooth interior means no pressure points on bunions and hammer toes. And that means I can go for hours with no pain ! Better than orthopedic shoes for cushioning and stability and definitely for looks :o) Thanks for keeping me mobile !"

    Mar 26, 2016

    It's almost perfect

    - Council Bluffs, IA, USA

    "The width of this shoe is great! I'm glad this is not white. I wish it had a thicker insole."

    Mar 15, 2016

    Absolutely perfect!

    - Perrysburg, OH 43551, USA

    "I needed the 1540 to help control the movement of my feet when I walk, and it was going to be a while before my local NB seller ordered them and got them in. Since I was already familiar with my own size, as well as this website, I ordered from here and had my new shoes very soon after. AND, they're made in the USA!!!!!"

    Mar 10, 2016

    I have had 1540 shoes before and they fit great.

    - Kenosha, WI, USA

    "The new 1540v2 not such a good fit. The toe box is not as deep and could not accommodate my "crossover" big toe. I called, a very helpful young man was able to find a shoe that he is certain will fit better. My money gladly refunded. Thanks for the help."

    Mar 8, 2016

    Fit is not true to size, too small

    - Iowa, USA

    "For years, NB shoes were my standard for running and outdoor workouts, but the sizing in the past two years seems to have shifted radically. I have a wide foot, so often need to order either a women's 4E at size 9 or a Men's 4E at 7.5. BOTH shoes are too small in their current design."

    Mar 6, 2016

    Structure is not as good as it used to be

    - Denver CO

    "I purchased the 1540 after I found the 587 had been discontinued. I am very disappointed in this shoe after having worn it for 4 months now. The shoe fits well, but I find less support along the bottom of my feet. I usually experience pain along the ball and metatarsal area of my feet if I walk farther than a few blocks. It is unfortunate that the 587 was discontinued. The product quality seems to have diminished with New Balance's more recent shoes. Too Bad!"

    Feb 27, 2016

    Customer satisfaction

    - Marathon, FL 33050, USA

    "New Balance have been my running and walking choices for well over 10yrs. They fit well, they are stylish, and they serve the purpose for which they were intended. Customer service has in the past and continues to be your strongest asset. They are professional, knowledgeable and patient with your aging clientele. Will I be a returning customer? bet!"

    Feb 14, 2016

    Great fit and so comfortable.

    - Boston, MA, USA

    "Fantastic to wear such a great feeling tennis/running shoe in a woman's size 13 AA."

    Feb 9, 2016

    Great shoes !

    - Waterloo, IL, USA

    "I am very pleased with these shoes. Love the new color. I purchased the Silver/Mint. Looks more like Teal. But I love teal. I tried another brand of shoes. I am so glad I came back to New Balance 1540.I have a job were I am on my feet a lot. These, also, help my foot problems ! I like the new colors of the 1540v2. I plan on buying some of the other colors !"

    Jan 22, 2016

    Great walking shoe for someone with foot and arch problems

    - Pigeon Forge, TN, USA

    "I have been using 1540 for about 5 yrs and love this shoe. The 1540 v2 is a little more snug.. Only wish they would bring it out in black."

    Jan 17, 2016

    Love the shoe I have planter fasiitius only sneaker can wear

    - Fredonia

    "No place in town to purchase, have to drive into another state to purchase so buying on line is awesome. Has great support ,very comfortable , stylish"

    Jan 10, 2016

    1540v2 not the same shoe as 1540v1

    - Newton, MA

    "My podiatrist introduced me to New Balance running shoes as workout shoes because I pronate and wear orthotics. The v1s were wonderful! The v2s feel much heavier. Prior to the 1540 v1 I wore 831 9or maybe it was 813) that 1540 replaced - that was my favorite shoe. You have also replaced 587 the "pink ribbon" sneaker that I wore for YEARS as my everyday sneaker - I have never found 856 or 857 to be a replacement for it and now I'm be told 1540 is just that. Why would you discontinue two GREAT sneakers that people like myself with foot problems wear not because we're athletes but because the podiatrist recommended them as the best sneaker for someone with foot problems?"

    Jan 9, 2016

    My 1540v2

    - Michigan

    "I started with 586 then 587 then went to 1121, 1122 and 1123. I had always longed to have the 1123 back. Well I found a bran new pair that I had stored away in the box and forgotten about. I am wearing them right now but I have found that I like the 1540 better! I had about 4 pair of the 1540 and now the 1540v2. It feels great on my foot and I love the new blue color!"

    Jan 1, 2016

    Love the room for my toes

    - Raytown, MO, USA

    "Work M-F 8hours on my feet. I never think of my feet when wearing these shoes."

    Jan 1, 2016

    These shoes are sturdy, comfortable and good looking.

    - MN

    "Love these shoes!!!! Great support, comfortable,stylish."

    Dec 30, 2015

    Great shoes!

    - Kansas

    "Wonderful shoes, I feel like I'm walking on air, but my feet are getting the support I need."

    Dec 19, 2015

    1540V Women's Shoe

    - California, USA

    "unhappy with the color choices & the quality of the outer part of the shoe"

    Nov 28, 2015

    Most perfect fit I've ever felt

    - Pittsburgh, Pa

    "I fell in love with this shoe the second the sales woman placed it on my foot. I struggle with plantar fasciitis, and I also tend to walk on the outside of my feet. This shoe instantly corrected both problems. I couldn't believe how nice it felt to have my foot held up straight instead of rolling out to the outside. And all summer long it was the only shoe I wore because it never gave me a plantars flare up which was major relief!! My only complaint is I only got about 5 months out of them, but for the comfort and relief they gave me, I'd buy them again in an instant, which I am!"

    Nov 27, 2015

    Anyone with extra wide feet, should own these athletic shoes!

    - Cypress, TX, USA

    "The best and widest shoes for interval speed walking."

    Nov 25, 2015


    - Houston

    "Put the shoes on and they fit so I threw away the box otherwise I would return. Never had a problem with NB shoes before this. Stiff with poor support."

    Nov 24, 2015

    Wonderful for plantar fasciitis

    - AR

    "These have been great for relieving the pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis. They provide a good deal of stability, and that is making a slight change to the way I walk, which is in turn making my back feel better, too! The toe box is roomy, and the shoe seems very sturdy. The only thing I don't like as much is that they can feel a bit clunky at times, and I would like to see them in a gray or darker color. The white gets dirty too quickly. I will purchase these again, however. They have saved my feet and allowed me to be active again!"

    Nov 19, 2015

    Fit great ! Very happy with them.

    - Clear Lake, MN

    "I have been using this style and brand for years since my chiropractor recommended them. Great stability. Only one that I can find for my wide feet."

    Nov 13, 2015

    Why must you make a change for the worse?!

    - North Carolina

    "I own this shoe in the teal, it is crapola! I own the old version which was the 1540, in purple. However ugly both shoes are, the 1540 was an awesome shoe! I have a big foot, and I am a large lady, and I have a low arch, when I move I need a shoe as serious as me! This shoe is under my bed and I went with Brooks Arial, because they are better now. This shoe hurts my feet, is loose, not stable, not supportive. BRING BACK THE 1540, but with a nice color change please! I still have my 1540's because they are that flipping great, even after over a years worth of wear and tear, I can not stand to trash them!!!!"

    Nov 10, 2015

    Wonderful Shoes

    - Georgetown, TX, USA

    "Love these shoes. I have worn this style for several years and would recommend to anyone...runner or not."

    Nov 9, 2015

    Tried several types and found one that was perfect. A rare treat.

    - greta wells, San Rafael, California

    "It looked good, feels good and I know will last well. Good show."

    Oct 29, 2015

    Thiis product has good features especially the shape of the front of the shoe

    - Atlanta, Ga.

    "This product has good features especially the shape of the front of the shoe. However, the shoe tongue is too short and doesn`t stay in place. I find this very annoying."