Stretch Woven 2-in-1 Skapri

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It's a skirt. It's a capri. It's our Stretch Woven 2-in-1 Skapri. This tennis must-have is femininity and practicality all in one, allowing you to move freely without worry.

Stretch Woven 2-in-1 Skapri

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Stretch Woven 2-in-1 Skapri

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With an inner leg pocket that opens two ways—on top for media and on bottom for tennis balls. Plus, it has figure flattering flair with a stretch woven skirt, tailored side seams and a contoured knit waistband with power mesh that smooths. NB Dry fabric provides additional confidence, wicking away any sweat the might get in your way at the gym or on the court.
  • Material: 86% Polyester and 14% Spandex
  • Contour waistband with power mesh
  • Imported
  • Multi purpose pocket at right hip for media or tennis ball
  • Reflective logo at center back of waistband
  • Stretch woven skirt
  • Technology
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    Releases moisture away from the body
    Fast drying

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