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Kim Conley
US Olympian

Quick Facts

Lives in: Sacramento, CA
Training shoe: New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay
Competition Spike: New Balance LD5000V2 & MD800V3
Competed at the Olympic Games in London in 2012

Kim’s Tips

  • 1. Treat yourself. Before a big race I take care of my feet.
  • 2. Calm your mind at the start.
  • 3. Try training at elevation.
  • 4. Have a few key words you can use to help you stay calm.
  • 5. Record your training and racing nutrition and miles.

Training Checklist

Throughout Training

In addition to your run, cross-train at least one day a week.

Halfway Through Training

Check your shoes to make sure they aren’t worn down and get expertly fitted to help avoid injuries.

Three Weeks Before the Race

Select your running outfit and do a few long runs in it to make sure it will be comfortable throughout the race.

Race Day

Write your name on your shirt. People in the crowd will cheer for you by name if they can see it.

During the Race

Refuel throughout if your race is more than an hour long. Gels, chews and dried fruit will help keep you going with electrolytes, vitamins and carbs.


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