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New Year. Fresh start. Leave all else behind. From gym to street, NB supports your every move–and goal. Change it up, stay on top, and let nothing stand in your way.


Stay Motivated. Stay Moving.

No Excuses New Year’s Tips

fitness ambassador Holly Perkins

number one

Play to Strength

Feel stronger and better manage body fat, age-related weight gain and keep hormones balanced with just 2-3 strength workouts per week. Plus it boosts your mood and self-esteem. Bonus.

number TWO

Stress Less.
Better Results

It’s there–even if you don’t see it. Stress is huge factor in overall health and wellness. Lack of sleep, dietary habits, work pressure, physical factors and even environment can trigger biochemical stress reactions. Making it crucial to Identify and incorporate ways to manage stress whether it’s yoga, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing, or cardiovascular exercise.

number three

Slow Start.
Faster Results.

The most common mistake after New Year’s is being so eager to get fit and hitting the gym too hard. There’s such a thing as too much too soon. If you haven’t worked out for more than 4 weeks, start SLOWLY. Your body will respond better and you’ll see results faster just by easing back into things.

number four

Do What
You Like

Sounds simple, find activities you enjoy and you’re likely to stick with it longer. Even if the Elliptical seems like an easy workout option, figuring out and doing what you like will help you stay more committed in the long run. Find sports or classes you love get so much more from your workout.

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