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Women’s Sports Bras

Shop our range of supportive sports bras — from low-impact styles suited for yoga to high-impact fits that control motion mile after mile. Insider Tip: You should replace your sports bra as often as you replace your running shoes. So why not stock up?

Women’s Tanks

Inside or outside, dance or run, our activewear tops have what it takes to move as fiercely as you. Performance perks like moisture-wicking NB Dry fabric and touches of reflectivity add function to these feminine fits.

Women’s Pants & Shorts

Your strong, fit legs take a starring role in our cutest shorts, pants and tights for women. 100% opaque coverage and anti-chafe designs help you push further every workout and every day.

Women’s Training Shoes

At the gym or on the go, you won’t want to take these women’s cross training shoes off — and they’re so cute, you won’t have to. Performance cushioning and supportive designs suit a wide range of workouts.


New Balance Women

New Favorites for Fierce Training

Shop Women
Shop Women

The Athletic Looks You Want

Shoulder-flaunting tops, must-have bras, kicking athletic shorts and supportive shoes…these are the women’s workout essentials that inspire you to never stop pushing. New colors and patterns let you create your own cool-girl look, so stock up and have fun.
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