Advice From a Fashion Blogger: How To Style Your NB1 Custom Kicks

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Posted on June 18, 2015

Boston-based fashion blogger and style expert Allie wears believes in one of fashion's most tried and true adages: "If you look good, you feel good." Allie started her blog in 2012 showing her followers how to get creative and take stylish risks when it comes to fashion. Now, with thousands of fans, she’s creating unique NB1 custom shoes and pairing them with various different outfits and looks. 

We’ve asked Allie about the inspiration behind her NB1 custom designs as well as how she perfects the sporty-chic look while rockin’ her NBs. Check out her custom 574s below, get inspired to create your own and learn a thing or two about pairing sneaks with dresses!

NB: Define your style.

Allie Wears: I’d classify my style as "creative." I’m a huge fan of color and like to think I can rock a variety of looks effortlessly, from sporty-chic to bohemian to trendy.

NB: Where do you get your fashion/style inspiration from?

AW: The majority of my style inspiration comes from social media outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest. I rarely look at what’s up and coming on the fashion runways and instead get my inspiration from fellow bloggers and successful models who rock a style I relate to.    

NB: What's the secret to styling sneakers with a dress? It can be a hard look to pull off!

AW: Just recently, the trend of dressing up sneakers took off and I am so happy it did! It’s a great way to look chic while staying comfortable. What’s most important is finding a dress that suits your body type and pairing it with the right footwear. I find a-line dresses, such as a skater dress, works best with my tall frame. Playing around with different styles is something I recommend, anything from a maxi dress to a flirty skirt, to see what looks good with your kicks and what you feel the most comfortable in!

NB: Tell us about your NB1 custom designs. You’ve designed two pairs – can you tell us about the inspiration for each?

AW: It was such a fun process designing my NB1 custom sneakers online! To see the design transform from the screen to my feet was a pretty cool experience. I love color, so I knew one pair would be dedicated to bright accents on a neutral palette. I also wanted to design a pair that was close to a solid – I figured shades of purple and blue would be perfect for the warmer months.

Allie wears NB1 574s

NB: Can you describe the outfits you had in mind when designing your NB1 custom shoes?

AW: I wanted my New Balance sneakers to be classic, comfortable, and colorful. I tried to pick colors that can pair well with many different looks and color combinations. When I was designing the yellow/white/pink pair (or "rainbow pair" as I like to call them), I pictured myself wearing them with pieces that matched the bright colors in the sneakers. When I was designing the purple pair, I saw myself in basics – whites, grays, and blues.

NB: Can you describe two different outfits to pair with your purple pair of NBs?

AW: The purple pair is loud, so I wanted to wear outfits that didn’t compete with the deep color. I love that this gray razorback tank dress is a neutral, but the pop of blue in the crossbody purse picks up the accents in the sneakers. For more of a casual look, I paired a white summer dress with a jean jacket – two classic pieces most women have in their closet. 

Allie wears NB1 574s

NB: Can you describe two different outfits to pair with your yellow/pink pair of NBs?

AW: My goal was to keep the outfits simple so the sneakers were the first thing you noticed. By pairing a chambray button-up with white jean shorts, the colors in the sneakers instantly popped. For something a little more playful, I paired a lace mini dress with a utilitarian jacket which is a cute look I could easily wear around town while my feet stay comfortable!

Allie wears NB1 574s

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