Team NB Takes On The World

By: New Balance
Posted on July 16, 2015

Team New Balance is ready to take on the world. After an exciting weekend of epic performances on the track on the national stage in Eugene, Oregon, five stellar athletes will represent New Balance at the World Championships, including Jenny Simpson, Emma Coburn, Brenda Martinez, Stephanie Garcia and Abbey D’Agostino.

Here are the highlights of a dominant weekend in the national spotlight for TeamNB:


In her first race wearing the Team NB kit, Emily Sisson looked like a seasoned veteran in the 10,000m on Thursday night among a lead pack with years of experience competing on the national and international stage. Sisson stuck to the lead pack for most of the race and finished with a respectable fifth place in a time of 32:28.73. NB’s Liz Costello also showed poise in the race, gradually reeling in competitors to finish in 7th place with a time of 33:06.66.


3,000m Steeplechase

In the 3,000m steeplechase, Emma Coburn and Stephanie Garcia stole the show and broke away from the lead pack early on in the race. Coming off the fourth water jump, Emma made a decisive move and had tunnel vision to the finish line from that moment on, which she crossed in a blazing 9:15.59. Steph powered through the final 800m to claim second in 9:23.48, a new personal best for her. Nicole Bush rounded out the NB team in the final, placing 11th in 9:54.51.



Abbey D’Agostino showed patience and poise in the 5,000m, which like the 10,000m, had a tight lead pack from the start. With a lap to go, Abbey launched into the front of the pack of six and charged down the home straightaway to clinch third place, the coveted last spot on the U.S. team for the World Championships. Like Steph, Abbey also set a new personal best in the race, running 15:06.



In a chaotic race like the 800m, it can be tough to predict how a championship race will go, but Brenda Martinez executed the race flawlessly. Staying patient on the first lap, Brenda propelled herself to the front of the pack on the back straightaway of the second lap and accelerated down the home stretch to secure second place and smash the elusive two-minute mark, running 1:59. Megan Krumpoch, a member of the Boston-based NB group, finished 19th in the 800m overall, running 2:04.59.



Jenny Simpson solidified her place as the most decorated female middle distance runner in U.S. history, showing maturity and confidence in her 1,500m final. At the 800m mark, Jenny moved up to the front of the tight pack as if she was strapping on her seatbelt for the powerful kick that she was about to deliver to the rest of the field. When the bell rang to signal the final lap, Jenny launched into it full throttle and never looked back. Sarah Brown and Cory McGee also competed in the stacked final, which was 25% New Balance, finishing ninth in 4:17.01 and 11th in 4:18.55, respectively. 

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